Seafair in Seattle

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July 31, 2014 by Terumi

In a few hours the Blue Angels will start their practice laps and this is probably the first year I won’t curse them because they always fly during nap time and in the early days with twins, there is nothing worse than hours of house-shaking noise RIGHT during naps.  Over the years we’ve loved Seafair for all its parades and activities, but I’m finally looking forward to my guys getting to see these amazing airplanes.

Yesterday, we even managed to see the parade of ships as they came into Elliott Bay.  As with every bike ride, I was desperately wishing we were on our way to American Girl for some tea and cookies and doll hair braiding instead as I mashed our 3 bikes into the back of my silver bus and prepped my backpack with band-aids, water and our insurance cards just in case someone managed to massively injure themselves.

riding along the waterfront bike path between centennial park and myrtle edwards park

But we survived and we saw some amazing ships and planes.

seafair ship paradeseafair ship parade

ship parade from myrtle edwards parkseafair ship parade

And I had a good time with my sons.  It is so hard to believe that a short while ago they were only wee babies when I see them flying down the bike-path on their two-wheelers screaming with glee.

seafair ship parade

And it’s not bonding over hair-braiding, but I’m getting used to this kind of thing and I love how it’s making me stronger and letting me challenge myself.  But I didn’t complain one bit when they let me take them for fancy ice cream to celebrate our injury-free biking adventure.  (The earl grey ice cream here is amazing by the way.)

molly moon's ice cream queen anne

Happy Seafair weekend!


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