On dumping a big bucket of ice and water on my own head

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I wasn’t going to do the ALS ice bucket challenge.
I thought maybe I’d just donate and call it a day.
But my Auntie Nancy was not a party pooper and she would have done this challenge with a smile and a laugh and a toss of her beautiful blonde hair.

And I would have loved to see her do it.  I totally miss my aunt-especially because she was also a mom of multiples and I looked up to her so much when my babies were young.  I loved that she always had a camera in hand and I remember her making me feel beautiful even when she shot photos of me in my glasses/braces/awkward teenage years.  She was a sparkling light in our world and I’m lucky I had her in my life.

The saddest thing about this challenge is it doesn’t bring back the people we’ve loved and lost to ALS.
But it feels like maybe we can help in just a small way.  And that is a welcome little bit of healing.
Auntie Julie, thank you for nominating me for this challenge. You are a lovely spark of warmth and energy in our family and we are lucky to have you.

ALS ice bucket challenge

And as for who I’ll nominate?  Sis, I’d love to see you do this one with Roo.  And if you can get Dad to do it, I’ll do it again.

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