Today’s almost late Wednesday is brought to you by this pie.

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We are 5 days in and we’re getting used to the school routine, but sometimes I forget we don’t have a lot of time to get out in the morning and today, this cheesecake pie took a little too long.  So you can find the recipe here (I half it to put it in a pre-made graham shell) and from now on it’s going to be called “Time Management Pie” in this household.

But we still made it on time. Thankfully the kids can run pretty fast.

I also heard that kindergartens don’t always eat their lunches because they are in such a rush to get out to the playground but we haven’t had that problem yet because I make them cream cheese sandwiches. It’s just cream cheese on wheat bread but it goes down like cake and they’ve been eating it so it’s working so far.

easy kids lunch
Crackers and cheese and hummus are easy faves too and it’s easy to pack them up in this divided container I picked up for lunches and LOVE.
But the kids do not like the cotton candy grapes I bought even though I do.  I don’t get these grapes at all-they actually taste like candy-and I don’t know how they get them to do that because apparently they’re not infused with anything.  They baffled me so much they made me start reading my labels more and then I realized I bought something that is not technically ice cream but a “frozen dairy dessert” so I’m totally freaked out!  (Is this the stuff that doesn’t melt even in hot weather???!!!)

is a frozen dairy dessert still ice cream

So thankfully I have time to read the labels now that I’m shopping WITHOUT kids because I guess we need to know what’s actually in our food.  And I’m also still looking for lots of new lunch inspiration.  (I talked about some here before, but now I’ve found some from Cooking Light and Allrecipes and I’ve been pinning a bunch to my bento pinterest board  too)  Since I went to the Allrecipes headquarters a few weeks ago with my blogging group, I’ve been a little more interested in that site so I noticed they have a daily featured recipe and I tried the spinach enchilada one the other night and it worked out quite well.  I even had the guys put the enchilada sauce and cheese on and they really enjoyed helping out in the kitchen.

making all recipes enchilads

enchiladas from all recipes

So hopefully I’ll continue to keep the duo happily fed while I’m slowly figuring out how to manage my own time during the day.  It’s definitely amazing how fast it can go by.  Today I got my nails done (I’m a big fan of Julep, a made-in-Seattle company) so I can’t really complain, and I can’t wait to catch up with my twin mom friends who have kids starting kindergarten this week too and see how we’re all feeling. And if you have kids, how is the school year going so far for you? Do you have any lunch ideas? And if you know what it’s like a few weeks after the beginning of kindergarten please let me know.

boris and nicole nailpolish at julep

We’re kind of taking this one step at a time. (And at least my toes are painted.)

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