Island living and our best summer memories (Valdes Island, British Columbia)

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Do you ever wonder how your life would be completely different if you didn’t meet certain people? I know without my brother-in-law we would definitely have had a void-he’s always teaching us new things about the outdoors and exploring. And he’s always trying to get me to push my nature boundaries to help me be a good mom to my boys.  He and his family have had cabins on Valdes Island for generations now, and because of him, we’ve had so many special memories there and so have my kids.

vegetable picking with uncle roo

It’s one of their favorite places in the world.  And I love watching them connect with their surroundings, gain confidence in their explorations and just be little, adventurous boys running through the forest.

on the beach

hiking through the forest independence

And if you know me, you’ll know that I’m not the most outdoorsy person.  And this place is definitely ALL about the outdoors.  So it’s always hard to convince me to go there instead of going somewhere far away or flashy.  I always think I’ll die without internet, or power or humans in skyscrapers nearby.

packed car

But I think all souls need peacefulness.

And hanging with people we love.

reading with my sister

paddle boarding with dad dog in a boat helping out of kayak

And time to reflect on our little part in nature.

And time to think about how amazing the world out there actually is.


So when I get to Valdes, I’m always amazed.

paddle boaring

One night we rowed out to see bioluminescence on the water.  And because of it, I don’t think I ever have to see Disneyland magic again.  This was real.  (And I have no pics.  This is the type of moment you just have to experience and enjoy.)

And we saw so much wildlife.

harbor seals

seals on the beach

The whales even came by on our boat-ride home to say “So long until next time.”  (I’m sure that’s what they said anyways.)

whale spotting

I think all humans just need a little bit more time outdoors.

A little time without internet, running water, tv or phones.

And I’m really thankful for my brother-in-law and his family.  And my sis who I absolutely adore.

riding between Valdes and Galiano Island

I’m so thankful they share this space with us.

This little perfect piece of the world.

And a whole lot of peace, nature and time to reflect on what’s really important in life.

our little family

Because those are the things we really need.


6 thoughts on “Island living and our best summer memories (Valdes Island, British Columbia)

    1. It’s so easy to get caught up. Love that sunny summer days help remind us:) hoping I can remember to get out more and reconnect with nature when it starts to get a little more wet outside too.

  1. I can do without the internet, TV, or phones but I don’t know about the running water. On the other hand, you have made your family’s time there sound so idyllic. I didn’t realize that there was a bioluminescent bay that far north. I’ve only seen it in Puerto Rico, so I thought it was a warm water thing. And whales?! How cool. It looks like a fabulous place to unwind and reconnect.

    1. I hope there is more bioluminescence in the world so I’m so glad you so it in Puerto Rico:) It’s just magical and we need more magic like this, I think. And if I can do without running water, there are few beings in the world who can’t, so I think you would do just fine:) Happy weekend!!!

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