When Monday’s shopping starts to spill out into the rest of the week and beyond

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It’s impossible to hide from shopping in November even though some days like today the weather is so gorgeous you have to get away from the computer and dust off the sunglasses and head outdoors.  My email has been bombarded by every company I subscribe to with some kind of Friends and Family sale and I swear I’ve seen them every week since sometime in October.  (This week for example was Hunter, Sephora VIB’s annual 20% off, Land’s End and Gap) And when is Gap not having a sale?  I couldn’t help but buy these matching pants for the guys and me and I’ll show you how ridicuously silly adorable we look together when I get hammy enough to show them off.

marled gap pantsmarled gap pants for boys

And when I’m not searching sales on my own, I love these Pacific Northwest shoppers: Thrifty Littles, Thrifty Northwest Mom and Seattle Mom’s Dealfinder who all post great finds and I can’t wait to see what they post in the next few weeks when I start my Christmas shopping.

at the same moment around the world

My sister also has the best book recommendations and I bought this one called “At the Same Moment Around the World” that she told me about because it’s all about things that happen in the same time.  And with a family who loves to travel, we are always talking about the time zones in different places, so this book is TOO perfect for us.

Just the other day, I finally got to try a chocolate store in Vancouver, BC I’ve been wanting to visit for too long.  It’s called Beta 5 chocolates and they are known for having some of the best chocolate in North America and creampuffs to-die-for.  We picked up a bunch when we stopped in and they were not only tasty but probably some of the most beautiful creampuffs/choux pastries I’ve ever seen.

beta 5 chocolates cream puffs

And while I was gratuitously snapping pictures in this ultra-chic chocolate shop, my husband in another time zone was simultaneously shopping chocolate at a place called Eataly in Chicago.  Apparently I need to go and spend hours there because it is like an Italian Muji store for food and I can tell from the website and his pictures that I will LOVE it.  (Thank goodness, my husband supports my shopping habits with thoughtful research.)

eataly chicago

But today, everyone I love was in the same time zone and I had a glorious time shopping at Pike Place Market for part of my day today.  I bought some pumpkin pie yogurt at Ellenos (it has amazing chunks of pumpkin pie IN it.  So good!), some cheese curds at Beechers and some macarons at Le Panier (one of our favorite Seattle bakeries)and was oh so thankful for a lovely Seattle afternoon.

(PS. Apparently it’s only 8 or so weeks till Christmas.  Let the shopping marathon begin….)


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