The only thing an aunt-to-be needs to buy on a Monday


December 9, 2014 by Terumi

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Rewind me back to when my twin baby boys were born and I’d definitely be doing everything I could to find a deal to buy the city mini select stroller if only it had been invented at the time. It’s the perfect combination of our two favorite strollers in one: the city mini double which was a perfect shopping stroller because it was slim enough to get through all the store doors and bathrooms and the snap-n-go double which got us through the bucket seat stage but then this has the added bonus of so many ways to seat the babies that it just blows my mind. This is the only stroller that has given me mad stroller envy and I can’t imagine how moms of multiples ever survived before there even were double strollers or all the gadgets we have now.

I also can’t believe all the cool baby monitoring apps like Baby Monitor 3g and feeding/changing apps like Total Baby App or Baby Feed Timer.  Or even home-food delivery that is not pizza-I’ve seen Bite Squad and something called Munchery recently in Seattle.  Where were all these things 6 years ago?  (Can you believe how many amazing parent-life-saving things have been invented in such a short time?)

But we’re way past those stages now that the guys are 6, so the only thing I had to buy in the past few days for baby twins was this:

bow and drape customizable shirt

It’s a shirt I customized for myself on a site called Bow and Drape. (And I love it.  Not only is it bedazzled, it wasn’t horribly expensive and it is soft.  I think I just have to be careful how I wash it.  This site is incredible and has a huge selection of things you can buy and personalize.)

Because not only do I get to be a double momma, but my twin niece and nephew arrive this spring and I am too excited for words!  My sis and her hubby did such a cute baby reveal with helium balloons wrapped in boxes and our whole family is ecstatic!

baby reveal for twins

My dog nephew definitely knows his life is in for a change.

i'm going to be a big brother

And I know my baby sister and her hubby are going to be such amazing parents and I couldn’t be more proud.


They have been so good with my guys over the years and I hope the hubby and I can return all the favors we owe.  So if you know of any amazing new baby or parenting things to buy or check out, I’d love to hear so I can pass them on and keep my “BESTAUNTEVER” status, because that is what I’m going to do my best to work at in the next little while for sure.


  1. majl says:

    Love love love 🙂

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