12 or so things you might need on a Monday if you live in Seattle

seahawks crockpot
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How will we ever get through the week until the next big game?  HOW WILL WE EVER GET THROUGH THE WEEK UNTIL THE NEXT BIG GAME?  All the football games seem so big right now and I actually barely understand football and I would definitely survive the week football-free if I didn’t have a 6-year old boy who absolutely lives and breathes for the game (and all other sports games, but right now football most of all)  And because of him, I have to embrace this love in the best way I can.  For me it’s in shopping and some of the Seahawks paraphernalia I’ve seen is quite adorable and I’ll just leave it at that.  We love our Seahawsk in Seattle.

little Seattle Seahawaks football fan

I am tempted to buy this Seahawk Tatoo set from Impress stamps and I’m sure they’ll have a great selection of other blue and green things I can buy to make a festive Seahawks’ bunting or craft too if I feel so moved.

Seattle seahawks tattoo stamp

And I’ve been eying the blue and green Tortilla chips you can get at the Mexican Grocery at Pike Place Market.

We’ve tried the 12th man mint ice cream from Parfait and it’s lovely. They even have house-made naturally colored sprinkles you can buy in blue and green too!

parfait ice cream 12th man

There are Little Seahawks figures that are perfect if you have little guys like one of mine who can’t quite sit through a whole game and loves Lego more than anything.  (You can find them at Bartells.)

Last year I found this printable Seahawk coloring sheet and I’m letting my guys make their own Seahawks banners with it this week.

I love the blue and green cupcakes at Trophy and Cupcake Royale so a Seahawks game is a great way to taste them both.

I bought all my guys these Seahawks sweatshirts from Junk Food because they were totally soft but now I’m thinking I want one too.

And I eyed a Seahawks stapler from Drygoods design in Pioneer Square.  (I don’t have a picture of this one, you’ll have to go there and check it out yourself.  It’s cute!)

seahawks onesies

And I never thought to get my kids sports stuff when they were really little, so I’ll have to get these Seahawks onesies for my sis’s babies (who are on their way this year!) so I can live vicariously.

And if I didn’t have a crockpot already I’d totally buy this one, because mine is just plain and the design would make the food inside a lot more festive.  But since I already have a crockpot, I just need to find it’s dimensions and I can order this one instead.

So this is how I support my Seahawks and my son who loves them and if you see anything neat or if you’ve bought anything fun, I’d love to hear too!

(PS you are cheering for the hawks, aren’t you?)

(PPS if you’ve been to a game is it really as loud as they say it is in that stadium?)


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