A marshmallow chocolate in Vancouver I need to find before Valentine’s Day (Mink Chocolates, Vancouver, BC)


January 16, 2015 by Terumi

We have lots of favorite places for treats in Seattle; our general go-to favorite place to get coffee, our usual favorite place to get ice cream and then we get a little bit more specific, like if you actually want a coffee flight and have time to sit down, or if you want coffee and a delicious type of pastry that you’ve seen nowhere else.

That’s how we feel about marshmallow chocolates.  In Seattle our hands-down favorite marshmallow chocolate comes from Theo chocolates.  I’ve probably swooned about it before, but it’s the Big Daddy.  Sometimes the factory gets all wild and tries to spice things up with peanut butter or other things, but the original Big Daddy is the ultimate best.

I also like Baru, a fluffly marshmallow bar that comes from Belgium that I’ve seen at Delaurenti’s and PCC and a specialty tea shop in Port Moody, British Columbia called Soko Tea House, but I do usually like to buy my chocolate where it’s made because then I know it’s totally fresh.

baru chocolates

So in Vancouver, we have loved how tried and true the marshmallow chocolates from Purdy’s are.  We can go into the store for our favorite ice cream bars and grab a marshmallow bar as a souvenir or for nibbling on while we watch movies when the kids go to sleep.

Until we walked into Mink.  Oh my goodness.  Mink’s Moishemellow bar is pretty awesome.  Really nice dark chocolate and just enough marshmallow.  It’s the type of chocolate I know my husband absolutely loves.

mink chocolates display

And Mink has a clover press for coffee too which makes it quite nice if you want to sit there and have a chocolate date.  I love clover pressed coffee.

So, if I’m in Vancouver in the next little while, I know I’ll have to stock up.  And you might too-if you’re the type of person who craves marshmallows and chocolate and yummy coffee on misty, wintery afternoons.

(PS. their Mermaid chocolate also won some kind of big chocolate award!)


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