The best cafe to wait at while your kids ski in Snoqualmie Pass (The Commonwealth, Snoqualmie Pass

commonwealth cafe in Snoqualmie pass
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There aren’t a ton of options for food in the Snoqualmie Pass area and because we’ve been there so often lately, we’ve managed to try a bunch of them and find some favorites. I love Webbs (they have a thoughtful kid’s menu) and Red mountain coffee is quite cute and has pretty inexpensive ice cream in the summer and the attached bathroom has saved our lives a million times since the cabin project started.
But then The Commonwealth opened and it is so adorable I wish we had a copy of it in Seattle.  I’ve noticed that they open pretty early (maybe 7am?) and we’ve had coffee and lunch there and our meals have been quite tasty.   I especially love that I can sit in the window and watch the snow fall until watching snow makes me feel too cold, then I can move near the three stacked fireplaces and pretend that I’m all cold and outdoorsy, while I’m toasty warm and eating yummy food.

commonwealth cafe in snoqualmie pass decor

cool cafes near seattle in snoqualmie pass
The morning fruit coffee cake is so delicious and we’ve timed a few visits so that it’s been fresh out of the oven, perfect.  (This is my “take my picture of me with my food picture face.”)

coffee and pastries at commonwealth 906love this artwork

And yes, I should be skiing when the kids are skiing so I can practice but I’m slowly warming up to this ski season and re-becoming a skiier, so I do a few runs and then I’m here in a nice place to catch up with my husband for a little while and we can watch what’s going on in this neighborhood. (And yes, sometimes we bring the kids too.  They really liked a ravioli dish we ordered and I really enjoyed a grilled cheese and tomato soup.) The nearby Washington State Ski and Snowboard museum will be exciting when it opens, and we already have a Dru Bru growler so we can pick up souvenir beer from our day’s adventure at the brewery next door.

So we’re crossing fingers for more snow to fall and I’m slowly working my way through the cafe menu, but I love coming up here and I can’t imagine a better place near Seattle to enjoy a little winter from the inside.

(PS. if you find anything delicious or fun in the Snoqualmie Pass area, please let me know.  We’re up here quite often and it’s always neat to hear what other people love when they’re trekking around here with kids too!)

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