Slab Sandwich and Pie (Seattle, WA)

cool sandwich sign in seattle
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Don’t forget this place has AND PIE in the name.

sandwiches in seattle

I was dying to try the avocado toast at Slab Sandwich and Pie when I saw it on the menu because I’ve only seen it at one other restaurant (Oddfellows is actually just around the corner too and I love eating there for lunch too!) and it’s so simple to make but too decadent to eat at home, and it’s the absolute ideal lunching out toast.

And it is definitely yummy at Slab Sandwich. The bread here is perfect.

And because you can’t say no to pie, even if it’s not really pie-shaped pie, this was inhaled too.  I wish it was on a pretty plate because I would love to show you how delicate the smoky chocolate chips and marshmallows layer look on the side.

yummy sandwich shops in seattle

But I guess you’ll have to go in and check it out for yourself.  Just be warned, there isn’t a lot of space in this sandwich shop, maybe only 3 chairs with table space.  Of course this won’t stop me from coming back and I’ll definitely think of Slab for when we go on picnics or want an easy lunch at home.

Doesn’t it feel like picnic weather here in Seattle?  And in February too!  Have you been to this neighborhood lately?  I can’t believe how many new restaurants have popped up!

(PS. the bathrooms here were phenomenally clean and that is impressive in itself.)

(PPS this might not be a place I’d plan on bringing kids to eat in because of the unpredictable table space, but I’d pick up sandwiches and pie with them to eat WITH them and this could elevate a day at the park by a whole ton, even on a sunshine-y Seattle day in February.)

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