Counting to 100 is important

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February 19, 2015 by Terumi

Fancy that 100 days in school falls immediately after a school vacation and I felt like we did the equivalent of a kindergarten all-nighter because of course we left all our homework until the last minute.  (I feel like I’m passing on an important life-skill here. Carpe Diem, right?)

Apparently 100 days of school calls for celebration and we needed to put 100 things on a shirt to commemorate and with 2 kindergarteners in the same class I just had to make sure they didn’t do the same thing.  But of course, these guys usually plan in different directions.

One decided he wanted to make a 100 out of 100’s.

100 days for kindergarten shirt idea

And the other wanted to create the solar system with a ratio of 10 stars to one planet and the sun so that it would work out perfectly.  (He knows the planets, I do not.)

100 days for kindergarten shirt idea

And because this is kindergarten which seems like a place where all kids need to do is show up, keep their hands to themselves and keep themselves clean and dry, I’m trying to let my guys do their own projects and learning because I already had a chance at kindergarten long ago.  So I gave them permanent markers and blank shirts and let them create.  The only type-a thing I did was make them pre-plan what they were going to do on another piece of paper because I didn’t want to make an 11th hour trip to the craft store in a panic because they wrecked their shirt.

And then because I couldn’t help myself, I also checked their math and with my precise counting I determined that the boy with the solar system had not counted right and he had to add 10 more stars.  And because he has a very convincing momma, he diligently added 10 more stars.

And then we re-counted.  Together.  And he patted my shoulder and said it was okay and that counting is difficult.

I told him if anyone figured it out, he should tell his teacher that our family would prefer to celebrate 110 days instead.

(PS. there is a whole plethora of 100 days t-shirts on pinterest.  But none for a 110 days.)









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