Best breakfast with a 6 year old and other things to do in Whistler with kids in tow

freshtracks with kids in whistler
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Before you go and think I’m going to tell you to get to Purebread for breakfast with your kids in Whistler, I’m not. I do love this bakery, but it’s more of a place I go to for a pastry and coffee and not at breakfast especially because I have a weakness for something they make called crack and that doesn’t seem like an appropriate breakfast food.

purebread with kids
No, if you’re in Whistler and you’re there to ski with your kids you might want to check out Fresh Tracks at breakfast at the top of Whistler that gives you access to the mountain an hour before everyone else.

Because lift tickets already cost a small fortune (except for the kids because they are 6 and under so they are FREE) and my kids refuse to sleep past 6 am and ANYTHING you eat in Whistler is already spendy it is not a horribly expensive or absurd idea to try it and the buffet breakfast is definitely lavish and filling too.  Fresh Tracks is free for kids 6 and under and grownups are 20 dollars.  The one caveat is that the mountain only has 650 spots at this breakfast table and people start lining up before 7am and the ticket window and the lineup are in two separate lines so there is a small chance you could wake up early, get the kids all ready to go and not make it to breakfast at all. (So pretend it’s Black Friday or Disneyland and send the group to line up and send one person to the ticket window.) You also need to have a ticket for the mountain (and that is easy to do if you get an Edge Card (for Washington or Canadian Residents) And with two beginning skiers who love to be up in the morning we thought this would be a great way to get them fed and up on the mountain an hour before the crowds.

kids 6 and under eat free

Thankfully only about 200 people signed up for Fresh Tracks the day we went and we ate a lovely leisurely breakfast at the top of Whistler Mountain before heading out to ski.  I think many of us in the pacific northwest have given up on snow for this year.

But there is still snow in Whistler and winter here when it’s not super cold is also a ton of fun too.

It is definitely a big mountain and I’m thankful the kids have had a bunch of lessons because the first few runs down the mountain were a lot steeper and wider than the ones we had done on our local mountains before.  Of course the kids had a blast.  And I now have a lot more grey hairs.  I had to turn off the go-pro because I did not want to watch replays of ‘crazy mother yelling down the mountain’ for years to come.

skiing with kids in whistler

I’m thankful that the gondola only stopped for a few short minutes and a safety patrol agent with a radio was also stuck in our gondola with us.  (FYI I’m terrified of heights, small spaces, elevators, airplanes and of course gondolas so this always makes these types of adventures all the more exciting.)

peak to peak with kids on whistler

So we think that Fresh Tracks breakfast was amazing and that it led to a pretty phenomenal day of skiing.

For other meals we like Milestones in Whistler because they have a great kids’ meal and an awesome “girls’ night out” Monday deal.  The boys love the little plastic animals that come with drinks and us grownups like the Milestons drinks.

We also like Creekbread because it has customizable pizza and a pretty cool vibe.  The kids like creating coloring sheets to adorn the menu and watching the pizza guy cut wood for the fiery pizza oven.

The guys liked tacos at La Cantina but thought the fancy tacos were a little small.  I liked that the boys had their own table and the hubby and I could pretend we were on a date while spying on them.

And the playground and ice skating in the plaza was a treat-even though it was not that cold outside.

ice skating in whistlerIMG_7384.JPG

So if you’re still looking for winter in the pacific northwest, Whistler with kids is a great option. I am crossing my fingers and hoping we have a chance for one more breakfast on the mountain while the guys are still FREE!

(PS. if you’re curious, Whistler is about a 3.5-4 hour drive from Seattle if there’s not a ton of traffic.)

(PPS. I almost forgot to tell you there is an adorable kid’s drink on the Purebread with a name like “cloud milk” but more whimsical and it’s a steamed milk filled with marshmallows.


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