A place that makes my family feel strong (Seattle Bouldering Project)


March 3, 2015 by Terumi

fun things to do in seattle on the weekend

Raaaaawwr!!!!  Can you believe how strong you feel when you are bouldering? Long before the kids were born the hubby and I got into rock climbing but that all stopped once the kids were born.  But recently they’ve been going bouldering and I was excited when they asked me to take them for my first time.

mom climbing with kids in seattle

I thought I was miles above ground but maybe this was only a couple feet.

But it didn’t matter.

We had so much fun at the Seattle Bouldering Project together.

Rock Climbingn and bouldering  with kids in Seattle

My guys had all come here before. This was their place and they finally brought me so I was pretty honored.  I was surprised at how much strength they had and how much I still needed to work on to climb up the wall.

Because my kid likes America Ninja WarriorBouldering project is a good place for kid's birthday party in seattle

Scrambling and bouldering together with my boys is fun. It makes me feel strong and accomplished. And it’s great fitness.

And though my arms hurt for days afterwards, I definitely want to come back.

(PS this looks like a fun place for a birthday party but a little on the spendy side if there are a lot of kids.)

(PPS Post-climb the guys usually go to Hue Ky Mi Gia for noodles, but this time our favorite Chinese food restaurant was incredibly busy so we went to Assembly Hall instead.)


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