On finding my pinterest dream light in real life (building a cabin in the woods)

home building with kids
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Can I do a happy dance here?

Ages ago I found this light in a pinterest post by Design Milk and I wanted so badly to find it in real life.  I think it would be the perfect light over the long table I want for family dinners at the cabin and when I find something I like, nothing else compares.

Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 12.05.25 PM

So after ages of moping and trying to figure out something else that might work, I was showing a different light to a friend, a light I’ve been coveting from JJ Bean and All Recipes for my imaginary dream home where something like this would be appropriate,

light from jj bean in port moody

when somehow this light popped into my feed:

Camile Hermand modern chandeleir

This light.  My perfect light.  The light that I’ve been looking for FOR MONTHS!!!!  So now I’m set.  And all I have to do is find the perfect table to go under it.

And we are now working on turning these planks into floating stairs:

snoqualmie cabin project washingtonsnoqualmie cabin project washington

Have you ever been so obsessed about something you’ve seen, you’ll track it down forever?

(PS. if you’re curious about the cabin building project, here’s the feed.  And if you’re building or renovating something and have tips on tiles or lights I’d love to hear-this part is overwhelming!)



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