A place to eat on a lovely beach in California (Paradise Cove Beach Cafe, Malibu)

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  • April 2, 2015
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paradise cove beach in malibu
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Years ago when we went to California with the kids for the first time, we fell in love with Crystal Cove where we ate at the Beachcomber restaurant, saw some dolphins swimming and played in the sand.  I forgot to get reservations for that restaurant on our last visit to California and found it was all booked up for the day we wanted to go.
And then our sweet auntie told us about the Paradise Cove Beach Cafe, in Malibu.

The parking is steep if you don’t eat at the restaurant, but if you do and spend at least 30 dollars, you get 4 hours of parking at a fantastic beach for the price of a few lattes at Starbucks.

where to eat with kids in California


And the food at this restaurant is pretty fun.  My guys thought the servings were humungous(they were) and they liked the ice cream dessert that came with the kid’s meal.

where to eat with kids near Los Angeles

The beach was incredible.  We just sat in the sand, built castles and lounged in the sunshine.

family travel California

I walked over to the pier and snapped some pics of my family as they played.  Can you spot them?

beaches with kids in California

I am thankful that we visited this place.  It made for such a simply perfect Californian day and these are my favorite types of days when we travel.

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