A little local love on a Monday (Seattle shopping)

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Oh Monday.  How do you get here so fast and why is Friday SO. FAR. AWAY???!!!

That’s why Monday is a day I usually shop and share my favorite new finds.

So there is a fabulous new Golden Tote-like company called Emerald Cuff that was created by some fashionable moms in Seattle and if you’ve been reading a while, you know how much I love Golden Tote.  It’s a little different because Emerald Cuff pairs an outfit item with a jewelry item and gives you a bonus style piece.  It also lets you create your own collection which is kind of a nice feature. Anyways, I pretty much ordered it and it showed up the next day in really cute little packaging,

cute emerald cuff packaging

and I was able to wear it to my Seattle Blogger’s Meeting so I really liked it.  I also was pleased that my purchase arrived shortly after I ordered it, and I love that it is an innovative shopping idea based in MY city!

I love this adorable tunic fromemerald cuffwhat is in an emerald cuff collection

And this is not something I own yet, but I love this gorgeous bag that is from my hometown Vancouver by a company called Carrall St Canvas Co and not only is it beautiful, but it does so much social good I really want to pick one up the next time I visit.  And I went to school with one of the creators years and years ago which makes it even more of a lovely bag to me.

gifts that give back

The star bag below, I actually do own, and it’s also from a local company I’ve bought things from online called Moorea Seal and I finally went to the Moorea Seal brick and mortar shop in Seattle and it truly is one of the cutest little shops in the city.

star bag from Moorea Seal

If you’re in town and you like fabulous boutiques you’ll definitely want to check it out!   You’ll see that the bag is also holding my magazine from this month’s THIS IS MY FAVE, and I was really proud that I sent mine in the mail before the deadline.  Yes, I did.  I will be dreaming about these islands for the next little while.

If you love weiner dogs, this is a fabulous Seattle-based blog with a hilarious name that I just learned about!  I’m going to use it to find hikes with my dog-nephew.  I found this pic of him as a baby today and I can’t believe how much he and my guys have grown!

dog nephew as a baby

I’m also really excited about a cool Seattle company called Tousled who is making it easy to get ready for events at home by an on demand professional hair stylist. It’s kind of like Uber for beauty and hair!

Tousled Seattle pic of hair

I had a function last week and Tousled set me up with a stylist and it was so easy having a hair professional show up AT MY HOME with all the supplies and everything she needed to make my hair look great and I didn’t have to do anything (except for tidy up a bit.  I knew this time we’d take a few pictures so I didn’t want you all to see the mess.  Of course.)  And I didn’t have to waste any time driving anywhere or stressing out about parking.  And I loved my hair! So I’ll definitely be using this company again.on demand beauty in seattlebook online hair by tousled

I do love our local village and I love shopping from makers and innovators where I live whenever I can, don’t you? Do you have a favorite shop or business in your city?  I’d love to hear!

(PS. everything I gushed about above is just because I love them and use them.  I did receive a hair blow out from Touseled, but was not required to post or say nice things and the opinions are my own AND I have just re-booked for another event out of my own pocket and I’ll probably tell you about that too.)

(PPS. isn’t it really crazy that some people that you meet in Kindergarten still pop up in your life years later? I find this especially resonant this year because the boys are in Kindergarten and I wonder who they’ll still know years from now.)




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