What social media made me shop and forage for in Seattle on a Monday

fancy place to drink tea near seattle
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It’s been a drizzly but hit-the-ground-running kind of Monday where I somehow found myself lost in the aisles of Costco. (Oh my goodness, is there any other place in the world like this that induces sane people to buy copious amounts of things they don’t need?!!  I need to stay away.)  Except they sell Tutta Bella gift certificates at the downtown Seattle Costco where you get 100 dollars for 80 so I keep telling my husband that I make money every time we go to Costco because we eat at Tutta Bella so much anyways.  I also buy Honest shampoo and body wash at Costco because it’s cheaper than you can get it online and today I bought the sunscreen too.  (Because that’s what Costco does.  Everything I see, smell, taste or touch comes home with me.  Have you tried this sunscreen?  I hope it’s good!  I almost bought a bunch!)

At least I bought toilet paper.

And because Costco is near Uwajimaya, I ended up there too.  I was happy to try this Ube cheescake from Hood Famous Bakeshop, and I think I’ve seen it in my instagram feed from Madeline Moy of Edibly Joy because she always find such neat things to eat!  It was delicious and my guys even thought it was pretty tasty so I didn’t think I needed to tell them that it was made from purple potato.

hood famous ube

But Kasala, one of my favorite Seattle furniture stores is doing something I do want to tell EVERYONE about.  It’s an awesome social media contest on instagram and I popped in there today to check out a cabinet that I saw was on sale and then found this light ON SALE and I might have to go back and buy it.

great place to buy furniture in Seattle

I have totally spent a bunch of time in the last little while light shopping all around Seattle for cabin lights.  Because yes, the cabin is still being built.  It has siding up and it’s starting to look like it’s becoming real.  And now I have to fill it…..

So my days have been spent seeking tile and lights and foods in daily quick rotation and it’s been a great way to get to know new-to-me neighborhoods.  An afternoon at Seattle Lighting in Bellevue even led me to this neat tea shop!  It’s called Smacha and I had fun sampling tea there and I will probably meander my way back there one day soon.

fancy place to drink tea near seattle

Another afternoon had me stopping to shop at Restoration Hardware, Crate and Barrel and Pottery Barn at Uvillage where I managed to get many much needed research hours under my belt.  And I even managed to check out the lights at this cool Tacoma ice cream shop after one of our zoo adventures too!

eating ice cream with kids in tacomalighting in ice cream social taomca

So I hope your Monday was a lovely one even if it was a little chilly.  When it heats up again go buy some cucumber and watermelon and try my new salad addiction that I found on pinterest.  (Last year’s addiction was the potato salad from Thug Kitchen.  And now I totally need to make this one again too!)

watermelon and cucumber salad

But just don’t ask me about the “how to be tidy book”.  I saw it an post from Oh Happy Day and now there’s way too much irony going on in my kitchen….

japanese cleaning book

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