Another Seattle family ride: Gasworks Park to University Village

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  • July 2, 2015
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Seattle family rides
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Call us multi-taskers, but my kids have set me to the task of visiting 50 different parks this summer and they also want to bike ride so we decided to bike from Gas Works Park to some new-to-us park on the Burke-Gilman Trail a few miles past Uvillage. But it was hot.  I was grouchy.  And the Burke-Gilman trail near UW is being worked on so there are a few detours that take you on the street.

Seattle family bike rides

I am not a calm bike-rider.  I do not like riding on the streets yet with my kids so I wasn’t totally happy about the street detours but we survived and now that I have lived to tell about it I realize they weren’t totally horrible.

Family ride on the Burke-Gilman Trail

We also had a minor fall and some major expletives may have actually escaped my mouth loudly when I really meant to say them in my head.

So we got to UVillage, my beacon of hope and all that is good in the world, and I refused to bike any further and thankfully are lots of eating options and easy places to park a family of bikes at Uvillage.

places in Seattle to eat with kids

We had already visited Din Tai Fung recently, so this trip brought us to Elemental Pizza where the kids meals are pretty big and perfect for a late lunch after a bike ride.

Seattle Family Rides

And after a little shopping therapy, we returned to the trail and ended up back at Gas Works Park which technically is a park that we could add to our list and round-trip we rode about 5 miles.  This was a decent bike ride for the two 6-year-olds and though there were some hills and some road-biking but it was a lot less scary than a ride we took on Fremont Bridge a few months ago. I noticed Westward or Agua Verde would also be easy lunch detours on this bike ride too!  We also rode right past Husky Grind Coffee which would have made an easy coffee stop. And maybe by the end of the summer we’ll end up at the park we were originally intending to ride too.  Until then, this is a great ride for energetic little bike riders and a mom who is a biking novice who loves shopping and food.

family rides in Seattle

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