The biggest pizza in all our land (Ballroom Fremont, Seattle)

take out pizza from Ballroom in Fremont
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We have a bit of a pizza obsession in our house and we’ve never been to Italy.  Hopefully next year we remedy this with a trip to the place that probably should have been our motherland.

We are thankful that Seattle has no shortage of pizza.  We regularly frequent Tutta Bella and love Tom Douglas’s Serious Pie too.  We even love making pizza on those Boboli crusts you can buy at the grocery store.

But then we saw this ginormous pie at one of the kid’s baseball celebrations and of course, we had to try it ourselves.

take out pizza from Ballroom in Fremont

Ballroom in Fremont, Seattle has takeout 28 inch pies.  Ballroom itself is not kid-friendly but the giant pizzas they make are really fun for kid-friendly events.  The boxes are so massive they barely fit in my house.  And this pizza can feed a whole baseball team.

And it’s a tasty pizza too!  I really liked a vegetarian one we ordered.  I can’t remember what it was called but it had artichokes and olives and tomatoes and I still have a few slices in the freezer.

So if you need pizza for days, this is the place. It is so fun to have food in a ginormous box and we will definitely be ordering again.


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