A place we like to eat at when we visit the puppies (Market Hall, Seattle, WA)

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August 19, 2015 by Terumi

doggy daycare in Seattle

It seems that a good city can never have too many markets or dogs and thankfully in Seattle both are abundant.  If we happen to be downtown Seattle and somehow make our way to our favorite window full of puppies we can stand there for hours and we tend to get hungry. I thought about taking a bunch of pictures of the dog window we love but I thought it might be weird so I included a picture of my dog nephew and actual nephew and thought you might just multiply the cuteness by 100 dogs and that’s the visual you need for City Dog.

baby and his dog

So when we get hungry and we’re near City Dog, we eat at the Market Hall.  They have an actual restaurant area that I’ve eaten at with my husband, but they now have a big table that’s not in the formal eating area so it’s an easy place to have a casual lunch with kids.  There is a deli style counter with sandwiches, salads and coffee and a fridge full of drinks and snacks and wine.  I love this informal style of eating and it makes lunching with kids pretty easy when it’s not crowded. It’s also pretty walkable to other places like my favorite Starbucks Roastery and Pacific Place so it’s a great option if you’re in the area and looking for a place to eat.

Market Hall in Seattle

I really like their salads and my kids love the turkey sandwich.  (They tend to eat their sandwiches de-constructed.  When is it that humans start eating flavors ALL combined?)

And I just saw that City Dog in Ballard just opened up!  I wonder where we’ll eat when we visit the puppies there.

(PS. if we were to get a dog, do you know of a small to medium sized puppy that might be good for a family with two active boys?  I’d love to know!)


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