Back to School Eve


September 17, 2015 by Terumi

tofino with kids where to stay

After the kids were home for a little while and the novelty of summer wore off, the days of endless play and running around and daily sibling wars made my grown up brain weary and my body tired; I couldn’t help it and I didn’t mean to. I started wishing for tomorrow forever.  (I think at some point it was our summer anthem…I might have heard this murmured every night in the neighborhood around 8 or 9 pm.)
When are the kids going to be in school?
When are the kids going to be in school?
Is this summer ever going to end?

And even with a really late Labor Day and a bunch of strike days thrown in, all of a sudden in a blink of an eye here it is.
Back to school eve.
All the adventures are over.
The house will get quiet during the day.
And maybe even clean.
Things will get organized again.
Lessons will start and life will go back to normal.
Just like that.
And suddenly I don’t want it as badly.
I want summer back.

It was amazing and glorious and free.

coeur d'alene with kids oregon with kids  pacific rim national park with kids tofino with kids   flying high at silverwoodseattle with kids

It was perfect.

vancouver island with kids

It wasn’t long enough.

seattle hikes with kids

I’m totally going to miss my loves tomorrow when they go back to school.

(Isn’t that how it always is?)


  1. beckyginther says:

    Even though I don’t have my own kids, I am now recovering from summer – I’m a children’s librarian and we are swarmed at work when the kids are out of school, so it is kind of nice to take a breather now that they’re back and it’s a little more quiet around here. And we’re already planning for next summer!

  2. Angie Scheie says:

    Are your kids in the Seattle school district? I’m glad that finally got resolved. So glad you had a great summer!

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