Where you charge in Vancouver when there is no supercharger

Ritzvill Washington Supercharger for Tesla
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Ok Vancouver, you really need a supercharger.  If you’ve been reading a while, we’ve owned our electric car for a few months now and I can’t believe how much fun it’s been to use on our road trips.  Now all we need to find is a place where we can get a good charge up north when we visit family and I don’t want to ask my dad to get a laundry plug in the garage to help facilitate getting miles faster so we can drive around the city and still make it back to Burlington.

So far our favorite is the charger at the Vancouver Aquarium, because it’s in a sweet spot right in front of the aquarium which is perfect on rainy days and there you need to pay for parking anyways.

We’ve been hit or miss at the charger on Granville Island in front of Edible Canada.  One day we did all our shopping, ate lunch, wandered some more and came back and the spots there were still occupied so we thankfully had enough charge to get to where we needed or we might have been in a little bind.

Apparently there’s a charger at Oakridge Centre that is pretty empty but we haven’t tried this one yet.  This one will be handy on an occasion that we REALLY need to top up our vehicle if it truly is underused.

The one at the Steveston Community Center is in a parking spot way too tight to ever try parking there without staying in the car.

We like walking around Rocky Point in Port Moody so that charger is quite nice.  There is also a great water park and playground for the kids and a few eateries, an ice cream shop and breweries nearby.

And of course if we head out as far as Whistler the Supercharger there is nothing short of AMAZING.

family travel in a Tesla

Apparently the hubby says there is chatter about a Supercharger coming to Vancouver in 2015 but I have no substantiated evidence for that-if you’re in Vancouver, do you know of when and where the Supercharger might come?  And where is your favorite place to charge your electric vehicle?


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