When it feels like time cheats you a little on a Monday

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Last night we groggily unloaded our kids from the car after a trip up north for my sis-in-law’s baby shower.  And just like the trips we’ve gone on before, I carried one of my sleeping babies from the car and up the stairs and tried to put him into his bunk.  But when I got him to his room I realized that at seven years old, he’s finally too heavy now for me to actually get him up and into his bed properly and I had to rest him on the couch so my husband could finish tucking him in.  And it made me think about how fast time flies; how pretty soon we’ll be welcoming someone new into the family and how quickly my own babies have become big kids.  And it’s crazy how family gatherings can make you reflect on how families change over time and though I was totally happy to celebrate my sis-in-law and catch up at the party, I felt a little sad.

welcoming my new nephew baby showering

I am thankful that living in Seattle isn’t so far away from where I grew up in Vancouver so that we can come up for celebrations like this and that I can still hang out in my hometown when I get a bit homesick.

I can still visit some of my favorite parts of the city with the kids and see my family and friends and feel like I live there just a little bit.  (Like Medina Cafe.  We have been dying to revist it forever and finally satiated our waffle craving and our family favorite dip this time was the passionfruit cream!)

fall colors downtown vancouver family travel in vancouver where to eat breakfast in vancouver

So as much as I was tempted to buy this Purdy’s chocolate advent calendar a month and a half before December even starts, I think I’m going to wait until at least Halloween is over.

count down to christmas in Canada calendar

I don’t need to speed time up any fast than it’s already flying by.

(PS. it is getting so chilly I am also trying to decide if I need to buy this jacket I found in Lululemon when I was up north!  I love the green-it looks a little like Yoda.  Are you shopping for anything fun today too?)


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  1. I can’t believe how fast time is flying and I don’t even have my own kids yet – I can imagine it only speeds up that much more! But try to enjoy the time – especially little moments like carrying them from the car at night 🙂

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