What I’m gifting the little Star Wars fans in my life so they can share the Force

these costumes did not come with the light sabers but it was fun to wear them at boo at the zoo
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My world is currently a strange place where the two hurricane forces that control it are always quizzing me on my Star Wars knowledge, making me read everything they can get their hands on about Star Wars and cutting and turning any paper/boxes/washi tape I’ve left on low shelves into Star Wars creations that litter the hallways of my house.

I find this world exhausting and a little overwhelming at times.

So I found something that will help exhaust my kids, help the world and also ties in with their Star Wars obsession.

The UNICEF Star Wars Limited Edition KId Power Band is definitely going to be a hit in our house.

star wars power band at target

It’s a Star Wars fitness tracker made by UNICEF. It sounds amazing because not only will Target donate 10 dollars from every band sold before 12/31/2015 to UNICEF, but every time my kids use it to stay active they will unleash kid power through points that can be converted to global impact through UNICEF. I don’t know a whole lot about the program yet but I love buying things that give back to the community and we’ll download the app when we give the kids the power bands. The mere fact that this is a “toy” that might have more than fleeting use is hopeful in itself.

I think my kids will really like these power bands-they’ve been wanting some kind of fitness tracker since I got a Fitbit ages ago and I’ve been meaning to get them something to count their steps too(I’ve since lost and found and re-lost a bunch of them and have resorted to using the step counter on my phone). My guys want to be like the super heroes in their lives and I love the idea of a product that recognizes that and helps them use their forces for good. (I”ll let you know more when the ones I bought arrive-I purchased one black and one white at Target and apparently they ship in November….)

(PS I met a lot of Star Wars lovers recently when I went to San Diego for a HP Print and Pamper Retreat and the things I’ve learned from them has given me lots of credibility with my kids.  I learned to make some amazing glitter filled ornaments from Sara who blogs at Mom Endeavors and she’s a fellow boy mom too!  I love her Darth Vader costume idea and I know my guys would love to make her Cinnamon Stars Wars ornaments so I’m totally thankful for the impact she’s made on my life.)

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