Hiding the candy and trying not to shop on a Monday


November 2, 2015 by Terumi

these costumes did not come with the light sabers but it was fun to wear them at boo at the zoo

Oh, what a weekend!  Are you also buried under a pile of candy today too?  My guys had a great time this Halloween and were so proud of their Star Wars costumes and I think the light sabres were their favorite part.

seattle with kids at Ella Bailey Park

We were going to go as a family costume again this year, but it looked like it might get soggy and the hubby was bummed because I didn’t get him a light sabre too so we opted to be jedi umbrella holders instead.  If you’re looking to get rid of your candy in Seattle here is what we’ve done in the past, and this year we’re definitely going to squirrel it away so we can use it for gingerbread house building too but it has to be somewhere I can’t find it or I’m in trouble.
I’m also in trouble trying not to shop Golden Tote or Emerald Cuff because their November collections dropped today and they have some pretty adorable things but I’m trying to focus on OTHERS and not myself as we gear up for the holiday season. FashionAble is another site I’ve had my eyes on lately because they have some great jewellery and handbag items and I know their stuff supports a great cause.  Don’t you love buying things that do good in the world?

I’ve been up to my ears in cupboard hardware for the cabin-there are just too many knobs and pulls to choose from but  I have found a modern oil rubbed bronze knob that has an intriguing shape. I just need to figure out WHERE I want to put it and if it’s actually practical.

modern pull in antique bronze for cabin cabinets

These Anthropologie hooks are so adorable too.

fox shaped hook for bathroom

I also know the BluDot furniture sale is happening and I really love their furniture like this please-read-a-magazine-and-veg-for-awhile-chair but it still feels like we’re a long way from furniture and I don’t want to jinx anything.

comfy chair for modern cabin blu dot design in brown

I’ll let you know more about cabin updates soon, but you know the saying, a watched pot never boils…..it’s true.  Here’s a teaser photo of the ceiling though because I can’t help myself.  I’m so excited about the knotty wood and how it looks with the industrial steel-we’ve tried to keep some natural elements in this place even though it’s pretty ‘modern’ looking and I just can’t wait to curl up in one of the big windows with a cup of coffee and watch the snow fall.

building a cabin in the woods tight knot cedar ceiling with modern lights

And there is snow on the horizon! We caught a peek of it up falling on the high hills in the mountains, so hopefully ski season will be happening soon.

snow is falling in snoqualmie pass and at the summit in November

I am dreaming about a getaway though because it is still a little dreary when it starts to get rainy in Seattle…..where on earth should we whisk ourselves away to in the next little while?  If you’re traveling anywhere right now, I’d love to hear if it’s a great place to go in the wintertime!  And if you have any idea for what to do with Halloween candy in Seattle that doesn’t involve eating copious amounts of it, I’d love to know that too.  All the Reese’s Peanut butter cups keep calling my name…..




  1. Angie@chasingmyhalo says:

    Great costumes! It sure is wet and dreary here! I wish I knew what to do with my candy except eating it all!

  2. Becki S says:

    It definitely was a soggy Halloween! Great idea for saving the candy for Gingerbread houses! Will have to squirrel some away.

  3. majl says:

    Ooooh cabin teaser pic…. It ms looking awesome! Can’t wait to see the finished project! And the boys look adorable as usual for Halloween 🎃

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