A new bookstore and robata robotized at Uvillage (with Amazon Books and Blue C Sushi

a remote control car delivers your order at Blue C sushi in Uvillage and kids love it
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I’m more of a coffee cup half full type of girl so when my little guy ended up home because of a fever the night before (and a 24 hour rule at school where you can’t come back until fever has been over for 24 hours) on a day when Amazon opens its first book store, it wasn’t the most horrible thing in the world.

first day open at Amazon Books in Uvillage Review

We lounged around in the morning playing Uno (our current favorite game) and reading and when we felt well enough to get out, we headed to Uvillage to buy some books and see what the first Amazon brick and mortar store looks like.  And because it was already lined up and it was chilly, and we had all the time in the world, we decided to lunch first.

I hadn’t had lunch alone with my little guy in ages and I forget that with twins sometimes we don’t get as much one and one time with each of our kids.  But my guys are also best friends, and my guy didn’t want to hurt his brother who wasn’t with us so we decided to lunch at Blue C because he would be heart-broken if we went to Din Tai Fung and ate dumplings without him.

It turns out, Blue C might end up becoming the favorite Uvillage restaurant in the house again.

Have you seen the new robot delivery they have going on?

a remote control car delivers your order at Blue C sushi in Uvillage and kids love it

This was our first time seeing the new Blue C at Uvillage and I love how they’ve enlarged the conveyor sushi belt so more people can sit next to it and they’ve created a track for a car to deliver kitchen items like Robata-grilled corn and yakiudon bowls to tables in a unique way.  It just zips down the track and stops at your table and you can help yourself. You can even order via a little tablet on the table.

innovative way to order at Blue C Sushi at Uvillage with kidseating at Uvillage Blue C Sushi with kidsyakisoba noodles with tofu

The new Blue C setup reminded us a lot of a sushi place we love in Shinjuku that mechanically delivers orders too.

So I don’t know which made us happier, Blue C Sushi or the new Amazon Bookstore.  But we spent a lot of time in that bookstore and I love how they’ve organized the books and how they have the same low prices that they have online.  First day of Amazon Books in Seattle and it has a great selection for childrenfirst day at Amazon Books in Uvillage Seattle

And despite having to rearrange my day to hang out with my little guy and take care of his cold, I was so happy hanging out with him in my favorite place to shop in Seattle.  I love Uvillage and all of the new updates just makes it even more awesome.  (And my little guy in tow was pretty impressed too!)

(PS. we all go to the doctor at Uvillage too!  It makes purchases even more justifiable when I count them as therapy….)


14 thoughts on “A new bookstore and robata robotized at Uvillage (with Amazon Books and Blue C Sushi

    1. I love the sushi belt but I totally get losing control-it is fun just to grab sushi ourselves as it goes round and round. But the remote control car sushi delivery part is totally out of this world!

  1. So Amazon finally came out with a store. I’d love to see it someday. It sounds like your little guy gave you the opportunity to have a fun day in town. Hope he feels better already.

  2. I sort of love sick days with my kids. Don’t tell them but I kind of miss them when they are gone 😉 But one on one time is the best. Also, I had no idea Amazon even had real stores! How cool! Love your blog!

  3. I heard that amazon was opening its first brick and mortar store. I’m so jealous that you live so close. It looks like you and your little one had a great time.

  4. I sometimes feel like I do not give as much attention to my daughter than I do to my twins, it’s hard at times since my twins are younger than her. So it’s great that you got to hangout with your son, only the two of you. I love sushi and that restaurant sounds like fun!

  5. Haha Blue C sounds incredible! Sushi is my all time favorite food style, and if it’s mechanically delivered or coming off a conveyer belt… I think I’d spend a lot more time there (I’m a bottomless pit with the sush), than at Amazon, new store or not. Will need to remember the name.


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