An advent calendar made with love on a Monday

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Amidst the dreary Seattle weather, the daily election dramas, the red cup battles and sadness over horrific world events I’m not ready to lose my holiday spirit.  There is so much in life to be thankful for, to be happy for and to spread joy for-I think that’s what drives me to live and I’m scared that all this gloominess makes it hard to get excited about the holidays and the usual sparkly magic and wonder that I usually look forward to.

So this year instead of buying myself a commercial advent calendar I decided I needed one made out of love and you can totally do this too.

homemade advent calendar project

Over the next few days, 24 people in my life will get an email from me with a message like this:
Hi! This year I need your help with my advent calendar project. In the past I’ve had makeup advent calendars and chocolate advent calendars but I would like one this year that is made of love instead and that is where you come in. You have been assigned Dec. xxx. Could you please send me a favorite holiday or Christmas memory, a tradition that you look forward to or something you are thankful for at this time of year or just anything that makes December a meaningful month for you. You mean a lot to me and hearing about what brings you joy in this busy season will help bring me some joy too! Could you also include one picture to go with your story. I am hoping to create a calendar of 24 days of joyful stories to inspire my heart and I won’t share it online unless you want me to either. Please send your email by the day you’ve been assigned to with your date in the subject line so that I don’t peek. I can’t wait to hear about what you do for the holidays!

I’m hoping that in December I’ll be able to open a message of joy each day that will be more meaningful to my heart than the trinkets in the calendars I usually buy.

I’ll let you know how this project unfolds and if you decide to create one too I’d love to hear about it.  It’s my little way of trying to find the joy in a season of hustle and bustle and I love hearing about what brings meaning in the lives of a people I love.

So Happy Monday! (And please cross your fingers that this works!) ❤️❤️❤️

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