A not so ugly baby store where you can find adorable sloth things in seattle (Ugly Baby and La Ru, Seattle WA)


November 20, 2015 by Terumi

Sloth mug from Ugly Baby and La Ru in Seattle

I love the days I spend at Pike Place Market. Even though I’ve been exploring it more in depth over the past year, I still get lost and I still find new things.  The other day, I walked up from one of the lower parking lots near where the Pike Place Market is expanding (right now it is a big hole but by 2017 it will be an exciting addition to Seattle’s Waterfront!)

hole in the ground where pike place market is expanding

and saw the most adorable succulent planter outside a store called Ugly Baby and La Ru.  I snapped a couple pictures thinking maybe it might be neat to get a planter like this and then thought I might as well head inside.

succulent wall planter in Seattle near Ugly Baby and La Ru

I’m so glad that I did.

I ended up with the perfect sloth mug.

Sloth mug from Ugly Baby and La Ru in Seattle

And I almost scored a sloth necklace too, but they were sadly sold out when I was there.  I almost settled for an aardvark which is a cute animal too, but I can’t tell the difference between an aardvark or an armadillo.  (Please feel free to enlighten me in the comments below.  I actually would really love to know.)

And they had a plethora of sloth magnets.  And if I was a little more violent, I might like this sloth vs. hedgehog shirt. But I do not like flails. ( I had to look up what that weapon with a ball and chain is called after I saw the shirt and decided that was a weapons that I do not like.  It’s a flail.)

I spotted cute animals to cross stitch.

And little paper play toys that would be perfect entertainment if you’re traveling with kids over the holidays.

And If you aren’t in Seattle you can find this store on Etsy too. But I’m glad it’s in Seattle because I’ll be back to this store for sure.  I do want that sloth necklace.

(PS. if you love sloths like I do, I have a sloth pinterest board.  It’s called OH Perezoso because Perezoso is the Spanish name for sloth.)

(PPS. if you do find yourself visiting this lovely store please bring a couple quarters with you and feed Billie the Pig.  She is nearby and the coins you donate to her and her famous sister Rachel go to help the Food Bank, the Senior Center and the Preschool in the Market.)



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  1. Shann Eva says:

    That mug is so cool. I’m glad they are on Etsy because I am very far from Seattle. 🙂

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