A few Seattle weekend ideas if you need some festive plans

cutting down a tree at christmas creek near seattle
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Last weekend we got our Christmas tree at Christmas Creek, a tradition we only broke once (last year when we had to buy our tree somewhere else that was still lovely) and still even went there just to see Santa.  I’ve been asked a lot about Christmas Creek lately and it will probably forever be our only place to get a tree-I don’t think they do tractor rides any more-but Santa is delightfully jolly, the cookies are delicious and the tree-baler is mesmerizing.  If you go this weekend, I’d love to see your pictures and hear about your adventures there too!

And I know this weekend there is a market that gives back at the Gates Foundation Visitor Center, a giant craft fair at Seattle Center and the Festivals of Light Celebration at Children’s Museum (they’ve update their theater and I can’t wait to see how it looks!) so I’m hoping we make time to stop in and see all the excitement.

And my lovely friend Lyndsey sent me one of her favorite traditions for this time of year for my advent calendar project and it’s happening this weekend too.  I don’t know how exactly Lyndsey fell into my life, except that I met her at Trophy Cupcakes (my ultimate favorite cupcake store) at a gathering a few years ago, then she started our Seattle blogging group and she’s helped me learn to blog.  She taught me the word “kismet” because of the name of her PR company and I’m thankful for the kismet that brought her positive spirit, kindness and smiley face into my life.

I’ve had a hard time getting into the holiday spirit this year. Too many scary current events, negative sources and personal issues filling my mind when I should be feeling festive. So, I was grateful for the opportunity to sit and think about what Christmas really means to me (thanks, Terumi!) — and I keep going back to one of my favorite Christmas traditions: a nativity festival my family and I attend each year. 
This festival has more than 500 nativities from 85 different countries, and it’s such a peaceful, lovely place to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas. They even have a kids room where last year my boys and their friends got to dress up and play with child-friendly nativities. (Incidentally, the festival is happening this weekend in Bellevue — we can’t wait!) 
advent calendar project picture from lyndsey
I love that this is one Christmas tradition that doesn’t involve buying things or talking about what we want or stressing out about getting one more thing done — instead, we reflect on the light and peace that Christmas is truly all about.

Thank you Lyndsey for adding to my calendar and for sharing your family’s tradition!  I’m so thankful for you and I love how every day, opening a new message from people I care about helps me get into the spirit of the holidays too!

And if any of you are following along, I’d love to hear if you have any fabulous weekend adventures planned!  It’s always fun to hear what fun activities and traditions people have going on!

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