What day is it Wednesday and getting back after the holidays

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Oh-isn’t having ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD the best part of holidays?  I have had to check a zillion times over the past few days what day it actually is.  We’ve been hanging out with family, exploring the Pacific Northwest and eating, and gifting and playing.

But today I’m tackling laundry mountain.

And dish mountain.

And doing the putting stuff away marathon.

Because at some point someone has to be a grown up and get back to reality even though holidaying is so much fun.

christmas ice skating party christmas  holidays skating party vancouver aquarium christmas with great grandpa callahan valley reading with cousins


And apparently there is no such thing as a cleaning fairy that follows Santa around…(I would love this to be a tradition that starts.  How on earth can we make this happen?)

So with happy memories from the holidays in my heart, I’m going to get back to business and I hope you have a Happy New Year’s Eve Eve too.  Is anyone else tackling a mess today?

See you in the New Year!



2 thoughts on “What day is it Wednesday and getting back after the holidays

  1. Oh my goodness, I am totally in the same boat! I took our tree down today, which left heaps of pine needles everywhere! And yes – it would be nice if Santa came with a cleaning fairy. It has been nice enjoying carefree time, though…

    Adore your photos! So cute 🙂

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