Some things I Zazzled for Valentines day

Customized Valentine's Cards
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Zazzle contacted me last week about some of the things they have for Valentine’s Day.  I couldn’t help but see their SLOTH selection and fall in love myself so of course I had to look into this site a little further.

And because Valentine’s Day is about love and other people, I decided to make some things for some lovelies in my life.   I made my sister some personalized tissue paper with pictures of her littles.I made some fancy ski-themed gift wrap with pics from a recent ski trip to wrap a present for my dad.  I like how this turned out and though it’s a little spendy, it might also be fun as a backdrop for a photobooth for a party.  I might also make something like this into a table runner for a kids’ party and I think it could probably be recycled after too!

customized wrapping paper from Zazzle

I found a mug for a friend who loves penguins.  I should have personalized it but a part of me thought I might end up keeping it for myself so I left off the names. (So bad, yes I know.)

cute penguin mug from Zazzle

And I made a few cards for the kids to give their grandmas.  I like the vintage valentines like this one that remind me of those giant old Valentine’s books we used to buy and punch out the cards (does anyone else remember those long ago days of yore….) I know this site also has a huge selection of gifts that can be personalized for Valentine’s Day.

I actually didn’t realize the breadth of HOW MANY THINGS can now be customized.  We made our own wedding invitations almost 14 years ago and I was so proud of finding a ‘modern’ design at the local craft store out of the four or five selections that they had.  But now I found everything from basketballs to lunchboxes on Zazzle and thousands and thousands of card designs.

I love being a blogger because I get to shop do a lot of research and I am extremely excited about Zazzle’s fabric section.  With the current revival of homemade baby goods and sewing lately, it is hard to find unique fabric patterns so customized fabric is so refreshing.  Hopefully I’ll find a fun project to put some of this custom fabric to good use too!

Are you shopping for Valentine’s Day?  What are you looking for? And do you like to personalize gifts?  I’m always looking for great ideas!

(PS. I received some product for review, but the opinions here are definitely mine and I was not required to post.)

(PPS.  The penguin mug will be given away even though I want to keep it.  If you see it in my instagram feed in a few months, it is hopefully a different mug……..)



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