Biscuits and Gravy made of chocolate (Honest Biscuits, Seattle)

Honest biscuits in Seattle
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Every week since the start of 2016 I’ve been eating at a new-to-me restaurant in Pike Place Market and I didn’t realize how many amazing places I would find.  This week, for my 10th restaurant out of 52, I decided to eat at Honest Biscuits (it’s in the Chinook Book too, by the way-do you have this coupon book for Seattle? It’s awesome!) and this meal was supposed to be about pimento cheese.  I love pimento cheese.  I was first introduced to the delicacy at a neighbor’s kid’s birthday in some dinosaur-shaped crustless sandwich and I devoured mine quickly and then ate my kids’ leftovers like a T-rex.

So I heard Honest Biscuits had pimento cheese on the menu, and I thought my meal would be an easy decision.

But a day at Pike Place Market is always unpredictable and I didn’t realize I would see something that might trump Pimento Cheese.

Biscuits and Chocolate Gravy?  Omg. A dilemma.

My vote might have been further influenced by a friend and her little guy who were joining me for lunch.

Get the chocolate one. GET THE CHOCOLATE ONE!

For lunch?


And then suddenly I had permission.

Biscuits and Gravy for lunch is perfectly acceptable.

biscuits with chocolate gravy in seattle

And honestly, no one else has to know that the gravy is made of chocolate…..

Pimento cheese will have to wait until next time.

(PS. Honest Biscuits is in a quieter corner of the market so it’s an easy place to bring a stroller if you have a baby in tow.  We even found a high chair.)

high chair in pike place market

(PPS they have a gluten-free biscuit with gluten-free vegan gravy so there are options for all sorts of food preferences and allergies unless you are doing the Whole 30)

(PPPS…..if you want to eat at MANY of the restaurants I’ll be eating at this year all at once you might want to check out ARCADE LIGHTS. It’s an event in Seattle on April 22nd 2016 and many market vendors will be providing the food and drink and it should be an amazing time in gorgeous Pike Place Market AT NIGHT! Bring your camera and your appetite!)

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  1. I keep seeing people posting pictures of these biscuits, I am definitely going to have to drive up to Seattle soon and try them! Looks so yummy!!

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