Procopio Gelato and so much sunshine (Pike Place Market, Seattle)

procopio gelato in pike place market on the hillclimb
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I have walked by Procopio Gelato more times than any person ever should walk by a gelato store without going inside.  In my defense, it’s usually in the morning and way too early for a gelato store to be open or for anyone to be carrying ice cream in hand for that matter, but I really should have tried this place a long time ago.  Procopio Gelato also has lunch and coffee but when I visited for my 52 weeks of eating in the market project, I was specifically on a mission to see what the gelato here was all about.

table area in procopio gelato

And not only is it a gelato store, but it’s also on the historic hillclimb area of Pike Place Market that most visitors to the market never see.  There are a bunch of stairs-this site says 163-but what counts is that if you go down all those stairs from the market you get to the Seattle Aquarium which is a really fun place to go with kids. (We have been members there for ages!  The touch pools are truly mesmerizing and my kids can play there for hours!)

Because I had biked to the market, I was craving something refreshing, so I went with a medley of flavors and my favorite was cantalope.  There was also a prickly pear cactus fruit flavor that looked so intriguing and an apple cinnamon flavor too.  There is indoor and outdoor seating at Procopio, but it was so gorgeous today that I thought I’d take my ice cream around the market.  There is a really awesome public seating area near the Sound View Cafe about 100 steps above the gelato spot.

And today a seat miraculously had my name on it.

procopio gelato in pike place market

There are few things as perfect as sunshine in Seattle with gelato on top.  I think I’ll be revisiting Procopio Gelato again soon.

(PS. I’m spending this year eating at a new to me Pike Place Market eatery every week.  If you’d like to follow along I’d love to hear if you try something new!)


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