Lyrical Flowers at my Local Safeway Let Me Play Florist at Home


April 18, 2016 by Terumi

Learning how to set up a beautiful floral arrangement like a florist

Truth be told sometimes I used to get off the bus I rode to college just short of campus because there was a spectacular florist along the route and I couldn’t help but stop in and see what new things were going on in the store.  Pretty flower arrangements are something I have always loved to splurge on and I could spend hours in that store just walking through the rows of gorgeous blooms.

Flowers from Safeway in the backseat of my car so I can play florist

As a grown up its a little harder just to flit about wherever and whenever I like.  I’m a little more accountable and there are too many things that don’t get done if I don’t multi-task.  So when I was invited to see what Safeway was doing in their floral departments in the Pacific Northwest I was only too happy to accept.  Buying flowers with my milk and vegetables is one way my floral habit becomes a necessity.  They are no longer flowers.  They are GROCERIES.

I was surprised to find out that the tulips at Safeway were local blooms.  I was also quite impressed with the flower selection.  The floral department could have been a flower shop all on its own.

How to floral videos in PNW Safeway stores

Some other bloggers and I were shown how to create ‘lyrical’ flower arrangements with romantic vases and ribbon.  We learned about tying bows and how to take a few bunches of grocery store blooms and arrange them into really fabulous bouquets.  I loved that there were step by step instructions on how to play florist at home and I’ve been loving the how-to videos I’ve seen on their Facebook page.

How to florals in PNW Safeway stores so you can play florist at home

I was given a bunch of blooms to take home and arrange in some vases to practice what I learned and I played florist in my kitchen while my kids practiced baseball one night.  I felt like I was recreating my college days when I would walk through that beautiful store and imagine all those pretty flowers in my home.  Apparently each season brings a new trend and I can’t wait to see what new floral designs will appear in my grocery store next.

Floral arrangements at home with Safeway floralsFloral arrangement beyoubydesign from safeway

(PS. I received flowers, some vases and a book to try out out what I learned at home but was not required to write a review and the opinions here are my own.)

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  1. mrsportiasmith says:

    So fun! I couldn’t make this event but so glad you shared how it went!!

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