Sustainable Clothing from PrAna review and would you like to be my twin?


April 27, 2016 by Terumi

Alpental in spring

When I think of clothing that is good for the environment it doesn’t always conjure stylish images in my head.  But I think this kind of thinking needs to change.  Why shouldn’t clothing that is good for the planet make you feel good while you wear it?  And why shouldn’t all clothing be made this way? When I was contacted by Moms Meet to try PrAna sustainable clothing for review, I was excited to see what it is all about.  I am always shopping for clothes and shoes, and I need to start making sure that the clothing I buy is also clothing that stands for something besides just fashion-it needs to help give back to our community, the earth and it needs to be made in a kind way.
I like the PrAna brand because it is stylish but also caring.  They seem to take pride in where and how their clothing is made.  PrAna is versatile because I can wear their things hiking or outdoors but also for traveling too.  I notice this brand a lot when my husband takes me shopping at REI to look at bikes or camping stuff and I somehow slip away and find myself shopping for other things.

Terumi's PrAna review

I picked the Liana Sweater to try. It has an asymmetrical hem and I loved the calm grey color it came in and it’s not itchy-it’s made with organic hemp and cotton and I love how soft and cuddly it felt even though it’s a light sweater.

I also tried the Kara Jeans.  They are soft stretch and slim fit and I liked how they felt too.  I have short legs so I can roll them or hem them but I really liked the indigo color they came in.  (I just visited the Indigo exhibit at the Seattle Asian Art Museum so I think I’m more endeared to this color right now too!)

Terumi's PrAna review

I wore my new clothes on a day we were hanging out in the cabin.  We had such a mix of weather that day!  A few minutes after we got back from a walk, the sky opened up and poured on us.

Sustainable clothing from PrAna review

But I love hanging out with my family and I love getting outdoors.  And I’m thankful that trying out these clothes helped me think about these moments a little more and helped me think of how thankful I was for the day.

Snoqualmie Pass with KidsSnoqualmie Pass with kids there is still snow in April

I would love to share the love with at least one of you too!  I have a 15% off coupon off PrAna clothing for my readers.  Just use MMS16AECL for purchases made before May 30th 2016 on and it’s a one time use coupon per person. (FYI-not good on gift certs, prior purchases, etc.)

And if one of you would like to be my twin, please comment below with something you’re thankful for this week.  I’ll draw a name by noon on Tuesday May 3rd(I think you need to be based in the USA but I’ll check) and I’ve been told I can give one of you the same outfit I’m wearing. Best wishes!!!

(PS I received this product for free from the sponsor of the MomS Meet program ( Media Group LLC, who received it directly from the manufacturer. As a Moms Meet blogger I agreed to use this product and post my opinion on my blog. My opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of May Media Group LLC of the manufacturer of the product.)



  1. mrsportiasmith says:

    Love this outfit! I’m thankful that I can work from home! 🙂

  2. Kira-Marie says:

    Cute, comfy, and good for the environment?!!?!? Yes please!! Love everything about this!! And I would LOVE to be your twin! I’m so thankful for people like you who care about the environment and help me find cute clothes I can feel good about buying!!

  3. I’m thankful for my boyfriend for supporting us so I can continue to stay home with my children and pursue my passion for cooking and blogging 🙂

  4. Cassandra says:

    I’ve been wanting to try PrAna clothes – maybe now I finally will!

  5. Omg love!!!! What a comfy clothing line!! Comfy definitely is the best 😉

  6. Maggie says:

    I’m thankful I don’t have to ‘do it all’ and can be a part-time employee and full time mom, wife, homemaker, and friend and still have time for me stuff.

  7. This is great! I love Prana clothes and they look wonderful on you!

  8. Nicole B says:

    Great post. It’s not just about the high quality of the clothes, but the message that PrAna sends through their environmental efforts! Style can make you feel good inside and out!

    I’m thankful that my son is feeling better this week after a rough dental procedure last week!

  9. Amanda turner says:

    Duh, of course I want to be your twin! I’m thankful for surprise coffee dates with lovely friends on boring work days. 🙂

  10. I’ve been so curious about PrAna clothing. They look great on you! So comfy. I would love to be your twin!! 🙂 This week I’m thankful for so many things… kids who are happy with who they are as individuals, for a job that allows me to travel and feel fulfilled while sharing with others, for coffee… 🙂

  11. Brandy says:

    Well I’d LOVE to be your twin. You’re adorable! Also, we’re hoping to move to Seattle soon… Chicago is too cold for me and I really miss the mountains (I’m from Cali!)

  12. scarinonon says:

    This week, I’m thankful for sun in WA and being able to walk the puppy dog on our trails!

  13. Nina says:

    This is a great review! I would love to be your twin, too. You make the clothes look stylish, yet effortless! I am thankful that my children live in a country where they are free to get a great education.

  14. Sophie K. says:

    I am thankful that bloggers like you are taking time to share about their passions. Reading your blogs has definitely opened up my eyes to many fun things in life. Like to be your twin!

  15. Candace says:

    I realize how much I miss the mountains looking through your beautiful pictures! SO so pretty!

  16. Kristin Cook says:

    Those clothes are cute. It’s nice to know that there are options out there that are stylish and have a cause.

  17. They look like really nice clothes. Lovely pictures.

  18. gretahollar says:

    Love this outfit on you! definitely going to have to check this brand out.

    Greta |

  19. I love Prana. I have a bathing suit from Prana that I love so much I am trying to hard not to wear it out! You look so adorbs in your photos.

  20. theclutterboxblog says:

    I love your outfit! I have never heard of this brand! Will definitely check them out

  21. Amanda says:

    That’s an adorable sweater!! I love purchasing clothing that is for the greater good too (:

  22. Sustainably and ethically produced clothing is something that is very close to my heart. I’m so glad that you found something that you like!

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