A savory crumpet in the market (The Crumpet Shop, Seattle)

Crumpet shop in pike place market
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Technically I’ve been to the Crumpet Shop in Pike Place Market before so it isn’t totally a place I haven’t been in the market, BUT because I’m usually at the market when the Crumpet Shop is closed, I haven’t been there FOREVER and I ended up visiting on a day when it was open and decided it had to totally qualify for my 52 weeks of Pike Place Market eating.  I was dying for a crumpet.  They are such an interesting pastry and I love that they are made right in the market.  I need to hang around this place a little more because I’m oh so very curious about how exactly they are made and you can get a little peek of them when you sit down in the restaurant.  I wonder how the little holes get in the top of the crumpet and I wonder if I can make them at home.  Do you know? Is there a place where you can go and see crumpets being made? (And I’m sorry if you’ve been reading and realize I’m a little behind in my Pike Place Market restaurant updates-we’ve been traveling a bit lately and I haven’t been able to update!)
So when I went to the Crumpet Shop I made sure I at least tried a crumpet I have never tried before.

I got a savory crumpet.  (It was so hard to choose a savory one when I love the ones dripping with honey and butter or Nutella or anything sweet, but I needed this to be lunch too.)

Crumpet shop in pike place market

It was delightfully crispy and soft at the same time which is what I think makes a perfect crumpet.  The pesto and tomato complemented the crumpet quite nicely too.  I took mine to go and I probably inhaled it within 30 minutes of leaving the market, but I overheard someone saying they are best eaten within 10 minutes of being prepared.  I would not mind re-doing this research to see if that is true.

So if you are in the market on a day the Crumpet Store is open and want to try one of the iconic businesses that has been around in the market forever, the Crumpet shop is definitely a perfect place to try.  I would suggest eating with a few friends so you can try both savory and sweet crumpets because both are terrifically tasty and if you come all way to Seattle to have a crumpet you might as well try a whole bunch.

(PS. I noticed that Shug’s Soda Fountain is nearby and now open and I’m so excited to have a cute little ice cream shop in the market too!  It even has a cool mechanical horse for the kids!  I almost stopped in there today but it was lunch time and I wasn’t sure how I could count an ice cream sundae as lunch on a day so close to bathing suit season….)

Mechanical Horse at Shug's Soda in Pike Place Market

5 thoughts on “A savory crumpet in the market (The Crumpet Shop, Seattle)

  1. Love the Crumpet Shop! The lemon curd is one of my favorites. My husband and I tried Shug’s a few weeks ago and it was great!

    1. That’s awesome Colleen! We always seem to frequent the same places. One of these days we’re bound to run into each other;)

  2. How have I never been to the Crumpet Shop?! I guess I always walk by it when they’re closed or out too. I’ll have to try one of their savory crumpets for lunch!

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