A simple Father’s Day idea near Seattle with Western Chief

Finding frogs in Snoqualmie Pass hiking with kids
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I am not always good at celebrating the people I love most on birthdays or greeting card days.  I tend to stress out a little.  What do I get the people so dear to me that will be special enough to let them know how much I love them?  How do I make sure it’s absolutely perfect?

And I know I’m not the only one feeling this way lately.  Don’t you find that it’s so easy to buy STUFF nowadays that it almost makes it more difficult to find something that isn’t just going to end up in a clutter pile.  How do we buy things that make memories?

So with my husband and kids we’ve been leaning towards more ‘experience’ style gifts-more gifts of presence than actual presents.  We try to think of fun things to do and a little less on disposable stuff that we forget about the day after the special day is done.  So thankfully Western Chief, a local Seattle boot company helped me make an early Father’s Day experience for my husband. (I’ve bought them at Nordstrom before but I didn’t realize they are a Seattle company and I love supporting local businesses!)  They sent us some kids’ boots and some outdoor man shoes so we can do a little more hanging out outdoors as a family.

Opening our Western Chief boots for Review

The kids had as much fun as the hubby did opening their boxes and getting some new gear so it was nice it was a present we could all share.

Men's Brisk Black shoe from Westrn Chief Looking for frogs in the creek in Snoqualmie pass

And my husband loved his new ‘cabin‘ shoes.  They are perfect for slipping on and being outside and he LOVES the outdoors.  It’s a big reason why we built a cabin in the woods and we’ve been spending a TON of time in the mountains since we finished building in December.  It’s a way the guys all get to hang out in the outdoors, but I still get to feel like I’m not totally in the forest.  And then we all decompress a little and do a little less technology and a little more breathing in of fresh air and calm our souls.

Rainboots are perfect for short kids hikes in Snoqualmie Pass near Seattle Finding frogs in Snoqualmie Pass


With my guys and their new footwear, of course we ended up in Frog Creek. (This is not the real name of this body of water or any of the attached streams or puddles. My kids read Magic Treehouse books and got the name from the series AND from the fact that the creek is full of frogs.) Frog Creek is generally the area of Snoqualmie Summit under the chairlifts where the snow melts and forms puddles and creeks in the spring and summer.  It is a perfect place to hike with young kids because you can walk as short or as long as you want and there are tons of flowers and puddles and things to see; parts of these trails even join the Pacific Crest Trail that goes all the way to Canada and Mexico. I appreciated that my kids’ new boots let them stand in puddles for a while and their feet didn’t get wet.  I also like that Western Chief has these more plain styles for older kids-my kids are not as into the patterns and cute boots they used to love (I miss those days!)-but they really like the camo-pattern on the bottom of these new boots.

Western Chief Camo Sole boot for kids

A good adventure in Frog Creek is one where we spot a frog and today we magically found one just as we were giving up.

Finding frogs in Snoqualmie pass hiking with kids

And all of our hearts were full.  I know it and that made this present one that felt perfect for me too.  I love watching my guys play and I love exploring with them and when they all have a good time together I couldn’t ask for anything more.  Thankfully we’ll be able to go out and adventure more together as a family with the guys’ new footwear. And of course the kids will make pancakes for dad in a few weeks.

Playing football in our rainboots near Snoqualmie pass

This is how we make Father’s Day memories a few weeks before Father’s Day.  Do you have any special traditions for Father’s Day?  Do you have any fun ideas for experience gifts?

Running in the mountains in our rainboots-gear for kids hikes near seattle

(PS. I received some footwear for my family from Western Chief but these opinions and this story is my own.)

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  1. I think experience gifts make the best gifts! I actually hadn’t heard of these boots so I’ll have to check them out:).

  2. We also try to celebrate with more “experiences” vs. gifts – thank you for sharing! We love being outdoors, so I love hearing about new places to explore!

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