10 last minute Father’s Day Gifts from Seattle and Beyond on a Monday

Toolbox for dads from Trusco
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As a notorious procrastinator I’ve learned that sometimes you find the best things if you wait until the last minute.  We usually lean towards experience gifts for special days like an outing or some fabulous restaurant, but we also like to find some special things especially if they’re local.  So this Father’s Day is no different and I’m doing a little last-minute shopping and it’s going pretty well.

One uniquely Seattle gift would be a lightweight Kitsap Work shirt from Filson, a fantastic local outdoors brand.  I’m always looking for cabin wear for the hubby so this looks like it would be durable, but also stylish and I love when products are named for the Northwest.  But even better would be if you also booked a factory tour!  You can tour the Filson clothing factory on Tuesdays and Thursday’s in Seattle as long as you are 12 and older and I think you need to RSVP. They have free shipping on any item so I like that feature when I’m shopping online too!

Another Father’s Day staple is the Big Daddy from Theo Chocolates.  I saw them on sale at Metropolitan Market a few days ago and probably should have picked some up but maybe there might still be some there.  I usually get mine from the factory so I can grab samples while I shop for gifts.  Seattle Chocolates, another local chocolate company also has a fun way to personalize your chocolate bar if your dad has a sweet tooth too:)

This is not just from Seattle but we like getting joke books for the hubby and grandpas. Last year we bought this one that was more focused on kid-jokes and this year I was sent this one that has more ‘punny’ jokes about dads to try too!  It’s perfect for my dad and I’ll see if it adds to his repertoire and it might make up for this really sad book I gave him recently too.

For a birthday gift last year we brought my husband to IFly Seattle and the boys think their grandpas might like to try indoor sky-diving as an experience gift.  Apparently there is no upper age limit for Ifly, so there is no excuse for them not to try!

And when we were in Japan we saw an awesome Trusco toolbox but it was all sold out at the Moma store there.  I bought another cool toolbox from Bestmade one year too and it’s great for home.  The hubby needed a smaller one for the cabin and we ended up finding one online (thank you Amazon!) and I ended up caving and giving it to him early.  But a well-made toolbox might be a perfect gift.

We also like giving personalized gifts.  You might still be able to make last-minute shipping with Zazzle or Shutterfly.  I’ve seen some playing cards and personalized mugs that always seem to go over well too.

And we just got back from a weekend in Tacoma where we visited the Le May Car museum for the first time.  This Musuem would be an awesome place to visit with dad and I always love museum memberships if you think you might want to visit more than once in a year.  The Pacific Science Center in Seattle also has the Art of the Brick going on too!

Kiehls Father's Day ideas

And when all else fails I just go to Uvillage in Seattle so I can shop and then eat something delicious at one of the neighborhood restaurants.  I usually buy my husband Kiehl’s Facial Fuel and they just sent me a few new products like their Super Fluid UV Mineral Defence and Age Defender Moisturizer that will help his skin regime.  I’ve noticed that when I buy him face stuff he actually uses it.  I also want to try getting him a Marine Layer absurdly super soft shirt so I can steal it…..

And I just got an email that I can bring my dad to Core Power Yoga with me for free this weekend.  We’ll see how this one goes over…..

So are you shopping for some special man in your life today?  And have you found anything else for yourself in the process?  (I found an awesome Fourth of July dress under the hashtag #shoplocal this weekend and totally forgot to buy it so I’ve spent the whole morning searching for a needle in a haystack researching amazing Father’s Day gifts for the special men in my life….)

(PS. I received a joke book and some face creams from Kiehls to review and the ideas posted here are my own.)

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  1. Great Ideas! I always get stuck thinking about gifts for Father’s Day. The chocolate may be the way to go this year for me. Thanks for sharing!

  2. These are some great ideas! I had a gift all planned out and now it’s taking me longer to get it in the mail so I may be borrowing some of these ideas to add to our gifts 😉

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