The summer travels of our new favorite blanket

Rumpl blanket review
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As a blogger, I’m always on the hunt for fun new products and it makes my life a zillion times easier when something fabulous literally ends up in my lap.  Enter the Rumpl blanket, a downy soft sleeping-bag-like blanket I was sent to review.

At first I imagined it would be the perfect cabin blanket and I was tempted to give it to my husband for Father’s Day.

But it wanted to be mine.

I couldn’t let go of this blanket.

It’s my safety blanket as a soccer mom because it fits in my purse (albeit a big mama bear-type purse) and promises to keep me warm at soccer games. It comes to the pool for chilly days.  It lives in the back of the car just in case the kids fall asleep on long rides.  And it gets carted in between the house and the cabin because we might just need it in both places and we wouldn’t want to forget it anywhere.

Rumpl blanket packed in bag

It’s a great all-purpose blanket, warmer, and play mat and I like that it can pack up like a sleeping bag but doesn’t have a zipper to obstruct all its softness.  It is also apparently machine washable but I haven’t washed it yet.  (I haven’t seen any noticeable spots so I’ve been a little lazy.)  I’ll probably need to soon and I’ll let you know how it goes.


Rumpl blanket review at cabin

I have been trying to see if it qualifies as something I can bring to soccer games under the new Sounders Stadium bag rules before I bring it along.  (My current wardrobe of purses does NOT qualify because of their sizes so I am also in need of buying a new handbag for the games.  Maybe even one that is clear.) I would be devastated if my beloved blanket got taken away.

Rumpl blanket review

Do you have a product you can’t live without this summer?

(PS as I told you before, I received this RUMPL blanket for the purpose of review.  If you want one too they are at REI in Seattle or online or on the Rumpl site.  This one is mine. *my precious*)


3 thoughts on “The summer travels of our new favorite blanket

  1. Finding the perfect blanket is like finding the right pair of jeans. Once you do you never want to let go :). Sounds like a comfy find!

    1. Haven’t taken it to one this year-it hasn’t been cold enough. But I’ll definitely try next season. I’m a little scared with the new rules…

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