When you just need to head out of town on a Monday

Summer days and daisies in the pacific northwest
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Summer is for lazy days and getaways and someday soon we’ll be jetting off out of town on a last-minute family adventure and I’m pretty excited to share the destination with you but we’ll get to that later because you’ll probably be more interested in the amazing travel kicks I bought for the trip at the #NSale.  The #Nsale is the Anniversary sale at Nordstroms and it’s definitely one of my favorite shopping days of the year.

So if there is one pair of shoes that you might want to know about for travel it’s these ones.  I’ve been wearing them the past week and I love them because they’re lightweight, packable and I like the floral design and they’ll help me keep up with my guys.  I can also pair them with cute summer casual dresses so they’re a perfect shoe for traveling with my family.

Nike floral shoes from the Nordstrom sale are good if you go out of town

I also bought this North Face jacket for the soccer season and fall Seattle weather.  The #NSale usually has some of the best prices on North Face things and I like how the quality of these garments seem pretty good most years.

Outside of Nordstroms I’ve been shopping a lot at Amazon and I’m totally excited about their new treasure truck program I want to try.  I will be bringing a bunch of books with me on our trip because of a post I put on Instagram (Are you on Instagram?  I love it!!!)  I had so many fabulous summer reading ideas that I bought practically all of them.  I hope I actually read them but they also look nice on my shelf.

Ishi book review

I am also in love with a book I was sent called Ishi.  It’s a short and simple coffee table book about a cute little rock and it’s meant to be passed along but I haven’t been able to let go of it.  I love the adorable pictures and the simple messages.  It’s just such a feel good read that helps with all the not-so-lovely reads we see in our social media feeds lately.  I absolutely loved it. (I will send it on to it’s next reader soon I promise!)

Ellenos yogurt at the Four Seasons Seattle

I’m also excited that I ate some Ellenos yogurt (one of my favorite Pike Place Market places) at a blogger lunch at the Four Seasons last week and I love when local places support other local places.  If you’re ever in Pike Place Market this yogurt is amazing and they give out tons of samples and support the local community too!

I noticed in Snoqualmie Pass there were burn bans this past weekend and it reminded me of how dry things got here last year.  Filson, another local Seattle store is spreading the word about forest fire season with some cool retro Smokey the Bear products.  I want to get my hubby this shirt and I’m in love with this blanket too!

Aloe Vera plant from ikea

I am doing my part to try and keep things green by planting and taking care of more greenery.  I have managed to keep two interesting plants alive lately.  I have an aloe vera plant I thought I’d kill but it’s about 4 months old now.

Edamame bean growing in the northwest

And I grew my first edamame bean.  I had no idea that edamame beans grew like this!! I’m frantically taking care of my plants so they’ll be okay when we go out of town.  How do you take care of your garden if you head out of town in the summer?

Also if you’re in Vancouver Canada and more into cut plants, I tried a beautiful flower delivery called Little Bouquet Vancouver recently and they do so much good!  They post a different flower bouquet every day and deliver to Vancouver the same day and I love the way this company wants to send love out into the world with flowers.  I wish we had something like this in Seattle.

Awesome Vancouver flower delivery service called Little Bouquet Vancouver

So Happy Monday!  I am last-minute planning and getting ready to travel and scoping out any last-minute #NSale purchases I still need to buy.  I would love to hear if you have any summer trips planned or if you’re shopping the #NSale too!

(PS. As stated above I received a review copy of the book Ishi and the opinions above are my own.)


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  1. I plant a vegetable garden every year. We also tend to go on vacation during the summer which I have a love/hate relationship with. I love it because we get to travel and visit places and spend time with my family, but I hate it because of what that means for my gardens!!!! Since we live on a farm we have to have a house sitter but their least favorite (and most time consuming) chore has always been the watering — and I can tell when they skimp out. This year we set up a watering system with a time so they didn’t have to spend the time and its been wonderful!! Have fun on your vacay!!

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