Random Acts of Kindness and good on a Monday

Good on a Monday post from An Emerald City Life
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Yes, it’s dreary-o-clock somewhere this Monday morning and judging by my Facebook feed full of horrific random shootings in places I’ve been to and unsettling political rants, it might feel a lot like the world might be coming to an end.

But why would I want to contribute to the PR of gloom and doom? And as sad as recent headlines make my heart feel, there are still so many bright and wonderful things happening out there, I refuse to contribute to the shadows; I’m definitely looking for good on a Monday.

A beautiful friend in Australia is helping to revolutionize undies and just got a fantastic award for her work.

Another friend has a fabulous column on Apartment Therapy and I love reading about her gorgeous house tours.

Yummy Bissingers chocolate in the mail

And an uplifting friend I met through the blogging world sent me some delicious Bissinger chocolates and I can’t help but sample them with my coffee today and think sweet thoughts and I have to make sure I share them.

There really is a lot of good happening in the world and it’s important to stop and reflect on the things we’re thankful for.  A dear friend does a thankful journal with her kids every night and she inspires me to look for the things I’m thankful for too.  It’s such a peaceful way to look at living.

Cannon Beach sunset in Oregon

So this Monday, I’m excited about these Project Droid books for my kids.  One of my guys is incredibly devoted to soccer so I love that one of the novels combines soccer, science and reading.  I am always on the lookout for books that might connect with my kids.

I’m loving this post on this Instagram account about body image.  I don’t have daughters but I know how body image affects all of us-even as grownups. This is such a positive and uplifting message and I hope I can remember to help support this in my day to day interactions.

I’m also curious about this Pirasta world coloring poster.  I think it would be an awesome present for a little world traveler and fun to color at the cabin so I may just have to order one.  It’s also nice to get a little break from technology and coloring just feels so calming and rewarding at the same time.

And I’m trying to get the campfire out of my hair.  We just had a fantastic weekend in Cannon Beach and you can see some teaser pics of my Instagram.  I’ll have a review to share with you soon!

Coffee on our balcony in Cannon Beach

So sometime afternoon I’m going to curl up with my new book from Book of the Month club (that I’m hoping to finish before I get next month’s book!) and work on some articles that I’ve been meaning to write.  I recently had a blog post for Tea Collection that I’m really proud of and I love playgrounds so I’m really proud of this one for Trekaroo too.

I hope wherever you are reading in the world you also have some time for yourself today.  I am trying to think good thoughts and send them out into the universe and I’d love to hear any wonderful things that are happening in your world too-let’s spread some good on a Monday, shall we? Happy Monday!

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