Discount code and win tix for a Seattle-Area Minecraft Event From Super League next week

Minecraft event with Super League Gaming near Seattle
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I am not always a huge fan of video games.  I don’t want my guys holed up in a dark room for hours playing in a fantasy world all alone.  But for my 8 year old boys, video games are all they talk about.  It’s like they live and breathe video games and if I don’t let them they will die. I could ask them about what they want for dinner or try to get them to talk about what they did at school and I get one-word answers or silence but if I give them a glimmer of interest in Minecraft, I open up a flood-gate of chatter that goes on for hours. Please tell me that your 8-year old kids do the same.

So when I was contacted about collaborating with Super League gaming for a Minecraft event they are having next week, I was definitely intrigued because it might be a way that my guys and I can agree on video games.  Super League gaming is a group play game for Minecraft in real life. It takes place in big movie theaters with other live breathing human beings and most of the events are about 90 minutes long.

Minecraft Event near Seattle with Super League Gaming

What is Super League gaming?

If your kids love Minecraft and you also want them to be social you might want to sign up and get them to Lincoln Square Cinemas in Bellevue or Redmond Ipic Theatres for 4:30pm on 4 Wednesdays starting October 19th. I even have a coupon code “EMERALD” that will give you $20 off each registrant. The first day your player will get assigned to a team where they will compete together against other teams on the Super League WIFI server in Minecraft challenges.  Each person plays first person on their own screens while the big screen in the movie theatre has a birds-eye view of what EVERYONE is doing.

What to bring

Each registered kid needs to bring a fully-charged laptop so they have their own screen. Tablets won’t work for this event (You can read more about the recommended laptop here) and each registrant needs their own Mojang/Minecraft account. Most registrants are between 6-16 years old but the Super League website says kids of all ages can play. Because of this, I’m glad parents can attend free. I am so curious to learn more about Minecraft anyways.  A lot of questions can be answered on Super League’s FAQ’s page.

Playing MInecraft in Seattle


Most teams will be five players and one team will win $15000 to share amongst their team! Players will be competing from all across the United States.  It’s a pretty cool idea to think that kids can gain skills, work collaboratively, get positive feedback and have fun in a group setting while playing video games.

So if you’re not in Washington? Look for where a Super League event might be happening near you!

And YOU can win too!

Would you like to win two registrations to one of the two Seattle-area events?  I’d love to hear if you have ever played Minecraft with your kids or if you have any tips to help ME play Minecraft with mine!  Comment below and I will choose one winner randomly on Monday night (October 17th, 2016) at 11pm.  If you share this on Twitter or Facebook I can give you an extra entry.  Just comment “shared”.  Good luck!!!)

DISCLOSURE: This post is a sponsored post for Super League Gaming but the opinions above are my own.


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  1. Sounds cool, thanks for sharing about the Super League. Have a kid obsessed with Minecraft too… when she is not playing it’s all she talks about.

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