Travel-themed wish list for kids

Travel-themed gifts for kids
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Kids these days seem to have the world at the fingertips and I have so much fun finding travel-themed gifts for little travelers.  When my guys were smaller they loved a lot of the books on this list and I have compiled other travel-themed gifts in this post too!  I’ve also written a travel-themed books list for Trekaroo that includes some of our favorites and some from my flat-lay.  Looking back at our earlier family traveling days it’s neat to see what we used to love and what we use now.

Trunkis at the airport with twin 3-year olds

I totally remember how we loved our trunkies.  They were so perfect for travel when the kids were around 2 and a half to 4 years old and I just noticed you can now “DESIGN your own Trunki on their website. We used to use them as carry-ons for the kids’ huggies and other entertainment necessities when we went on airplane trips and they were also great suitcases for road-trips up to Canada to see our grandparents too.  The kids love sitting and riding around on them at airports and hotels.

We have a set of Melissa and Doug jellyfish toys that have accompanied us to so many pools around the world.  I think we’ve had them for nearly 6 years!

This is an awesome world puzzle for younger kids.  And this puzzle is one my guys still like to do now.  I also like that this America puzzle combines sports with travel too.

I am totally enamoured with a company called Seedling because their products are so creative.  This company also has incredible travel-themed products.  Their color-me Earth could not be more perfect because it sparks a lot of conversation about where in the world places are and it’s nice and soft and fun for a playroom.  I think we’re going to use ours to record and color the places we’ve been in the world.  I can’t wait to see how much we can fill it up over time.  I’ve seen Seedling products sold in many places; most recently in a gift shop at the Fairmont Pacific Rim in Vancouver BC.  A reasonable place to buy these products is also at Joann crafts online and I like their collaborations with Target too!

Seedling also has a bunch of small travel-themed stocking stuffer products in their own online shop.  The Earth Ball, the vintage kaleidescope camera, gliderreal binoculars and mini chess game are all perfect for little adventurers.  The design-your-own glowing light globe makes a fun night-light that could be made into a world map theme too!

I was recently introduced to a customizabe clothing company in Seattle and I love how this Ace Playfield pilot tshirt can be printed with all the places your little traveler has been.

Travel-themed gifts for kids

The Tile I pictured in my flat lay is a must for parents who travel with kids.  I am always losing my keys or my phone and I use my Tile App at least once a week to find them.  I either press the button on my Tile to find my phone or I use the App on my phone to find the Tile attached to my keys.  This tool has saved us so much grief!

And I totally want this giant coloring wall map which I would definitely share with the kids.

I know Christmas is coming ASAP, so I will keep looking for more ideas and add them here when I see them.  I do have a Seattle-themed gifts guide and another list with some fun wrapping ideas here too!

(PS I have received some samples for review, but the opinions in this blog are my own. I take my shopping seriously!)





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  1. I love these little travel gift ideas — I loved puzzles as a child and that world map would have been perfect. I’ll have to keep these in mind as I’m shopping for the little ones in my life!

  2. Your little travelistas are so fortunate! The Trunkis look like such fun and so great to help the little ones work off some energy and avoid boredom. Wish (almost) my son were still those ages!

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