Seattle Food Craving: Sizzle and Crunch

Sizzle and Crunch in Seattle
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Someone asked me the other day where I like to eat in Seattle right now.  Well, we haven’t been back from Australia for very many days, so I haven’t really had time to eat out in Seattle for the past couple months, but what I am craving is a place in the UDistrict called Sizzle and Crunch and I’m hoping we get there again soon.

Sizzle and Crunch in Seattle

Many people have said it’s a little like Chipotle or Qdoba, except the food options here are rice bowls, salads and banh mi- you choose your type of entree and your protein at the counter and then you can customize with the veggies and other toppings you like.  We’ve been a few times and this was one of our last meals in Seattle before we left on our big trip.

Sizzle and crunch in Seattle

Since we eat mostly vegetarian we usually eat the tofu bahn mi and the tofu rice bowl but we have also ordered the chicken too for the kids and everything has been delicious.  I’m not a runny egg person, but if you are, the fried eggs look dreamy on top of these meals too.  The ingredients at Sizzle and Crunch are fresh and tasty and I am craving this food just writing about it.  I like that there are options here to suit all sorts of dietary needs and I know we’ll be coming here in the summer when we have guests in town too.

takeout from Sizzle and Crunch in SeattleSizzle and crunch in Seattle

Sizzle and Crunch has been lined up and busy when we’ve gone.  My kids like the food here but because it’s unpredictable for seating, they haven’t actually eaten IN the restaurant yet.  When we eat it with our kids we take out and bring it home and the prices are pretty reasonable.  Now that the weather is better, I might think of bringing our Sizzle and Crunch to UW for a picnic.  My guys are also big fans of the bowling alley at the UW so in the summer this might be something I can stretch into a whole day activity.  (And you might too!)

Do you have a favorite restaurant in Seattle?  Can you believe how many new restaurants keep popping up!!?  And now where should we eat now that we’re back?


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  1. Wow! I love the idea of this restaurant! And the photos you took look deeeeeeelllllliccious!

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