Summer Reads and fun books for Kids and Grownups

Summer Reads: Goodbye Vitamin
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Everyone in my family reads, but we all read in different ways.  I can literally devour books and I keep my reading fueled with Book of the Month Club – I like that it has a curated selection and I pick one (or more!) a month and a new read arrives at my door.  My husband tends to read via Audio Book and he’s been loving Audible thanks to a recommendation from a friend and it’s helped him ‘read’ more books this year than he’s been able to in years.  And my kids read are into comic books and Pokemon books which are really fun, but I’m still trying to get them a variety of other summer reads to keep them activitely learning.

Summer Reads: Kitchen Lab Science

Thanks to Quartoknows, we have a bunch of great summer reads in our house.  My guys love this Kitchen Science book because the experiments are exciting and creative.  We took it to the cabin where we tried a Diet Coke and Mentos experiment.

Science Experiment from Summer Reads

None of us really believed how much it would actually work until we blasted soda sky high.

I like this Hand Lettering book I received as well.  It’s more for me than the kids right now, but I can see my guys trying out fancy lettering as they get into more project-like assignments next year.

Summer Reads: Creative Lettering

I lost one of my guys in this map and fact book about the fifty states for hours.  This guy loves learning about geography and this book is both gorgeous and entertaining. And I’ve gifted this Atlas to a ton of people over the years so I’m glad we finally have our own copy.

Animal Adventures

And since all my guys are hoping to go camping I keep finding this Ranger Rick Camping Guide lying around all over the house.  (Do you remember growing up with Ranger Rick?!!). And as much as I like to fulfill their dreams,  I’m hoping for a way to convince them to camp in a more luxurious setting like a hotel.

A bunch of the books above can be ordered through this site and they are currently 35% off so I thought I would share the link.

More locally in Seattle, we stopped in at University of Washington Bookstore because I heard they have a “Summer Explorer Summer Sleuth” reading program.  When I asked about it I received a 20% off coupon for that day’s kids books purchases.  I told the sales associate about my kids’ interests and she worked with them to find a bunch of chapter books.  She even found books for me.  We have now read our first five books and the guys are excited to revisit and claim their prizes.  I’m excited because I love eating at Sizzle and Crunch which is a short walk away from the store.

Is anyone else excited about summer reading?  I’d love to hear if you have a good book recommendation.  I’m currently reading Goodbye Vitamin.

(PS. FYI As stated above, I received some of the books above to review and as always these opinions are my own.)


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