A great place to learn to Skateboard and an over the top Sounders experience in Seattle

Seattle with Kids Pitchside wit the Sounders
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I need to preface this post with how much I do not like blood and guts.  I am terrified of anything that remotely has to do with injury and if anything like that happens around me, I have the potential to become an even bigger ordeal than the patient.  So I really don’t mess around with safety, although I don’t want my kids growing up in a bubble and because of the karma of the universe I am a mom of boys who both love anything that has to do with danger, whether it be high-climbing adventures or balls flying through the air and of course they both really wanted to learn how to skateboard.

All Together Skatepark skateboard Party in Seattle with kids

All Together Skatepark skateboard Party in Seattle with kids

I can’t give enough praise to All Together Skatepark.  I booked a party package with instruction for my kids and some friends to learn how to skateboard together.  The indoor skateboard park was clean and organized, the instructors were so empathetic and kind and my guys (and many of their friends) went from being tentative about being on a skateboard to confident learners in the few hours we were there.  I couldn’t believe how orderly the instructors kept a group of energetic boys and how much of a calm this experience was for something I thought would have been prime for being a total blood and guts fest.  The party was structured so we could start with some instruction, break for snacks and cake and then end with free time to practice what they’ve learned on their own or get extra help from the instructors if they wanted to learn more. All the skateboards, helmets and pads were provided but kids could also bring their own gear.  Parents could watch at the sidelines or leave and brunch at nearby Joule, Stone Way Cafe or Sea Wolf Bakers.  I couldn’t have been happier and my guys thought this was an awesome day.

All Together Skatepark skateboard Party in Seattle with kidsAll Together Skatepark Party in Seattle with kids

So after we got home that day, we got a call from our Sounders‘ membership office that made the day even more perfect.  We were invited to sit at the sidelines at the Sounders Game that we were going to that night.  We have had family tickets to the Sounders since my guys were two years old.  As someone who is not really a sports person, I thought we needed to go when they were little so we would all learn about a game that Seattle is really passionate about.  I didn’t realize it back then but because of that decision, soccer has become a huge part of our lives.

Seattle with kids Pitchside at a Sounders Game

I couldn’t believe we had to walk on the turf to get to our seats.  We were so close to the field it was like being at my kids’ soccer games where we sit near the field in our chairs and have to put our hands up to protect our faces when the ball flies out. We could hear the players calling to each other.  We could almost feel the swish of air as the players ran by.  Many people around us were standing up but I huddled in my chair for a while because I was terrified the ball would hit me in the face.

Pitchside with kids in Seattle at a Sounders GameSeattle with kids Pitchside at a seattle Sounders game

And then the Sounders scored three goals, so of course I was jumping at the sidelines too because free haircuts on top of everything that happened that day was the most incredible ending I could have imagined.

“Thank you for the best birthday we’ve ever had!” my guys cheered on the way home.  And I loved that the day was just that; an amazing experience that we couldn’t wrap up or hold in our hands, but one that will last in our hearts unforgettably forever.

(PS. Thank you Seattle Sounders and All Together Skatepark, I totally couldn’t have pulled this day off on my own.)

(PPS. All Together Skatepark has drop-in hours and lessons that I think we’ll definitely try again soon and a friend just messaged me that she saw a deal for them on Groupon.)



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