Next Level Burger in Seattle has vegan and delicious kids’ meals

Veggie Burger Kid's meal at Next Level Burger in Seattle
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Next Level Burger, a newly opened restaurant INSIDE Whole Foods in Roosevelt Square Seattle can’t be more perfect for families with kids.  There is free parking.  The food is fast and delicious.  And when the kids have eaten and are perfectly content, the grocery store is RIGHT THERE so grabbing a fast few things for tomorrow’s lunch or breakfast can’t get any easier.

My favorite thing about Next Level Burger is that everything is meatless.  EVERYTHING. It’s actually totally vegan so even the ‘milkshakes’ have no dairy in them and the cheese is vegan cheese as well.  And since my family is trying to eat more of a plant-based diet and we like visiting places that care about the environment and sustainability this is just the type of restaurant we look for.  (The seating is casual in a Food Court like setting and I noticed that you can also order online or takeout so that how you eat here is really flexible which is again REALLY great for families.)

Vegetarian and Sustainable Food at Next Level Burger in Seattle

I had the most delicious non-meat BLTA and the kids loved their burger and hot dog meals.

“This is the best burger I’ve ever eaten” one of my guys said when I took them to the media opening.  I was a little skeptical at first, but then he ate the whole thing.

We were told that the hot dog might be a little more seasoned than kids might be used to when my other guy ordered the kids’ hot dog.

The hot dog vanished as well.

And not only is everything you eat at Next Level Burger plant-based and vegan, but they have taken care to make sure that their packaging and utensils are compostable and recyclable too.  In our travels we have seen way too many places still not composting or recycling and I love when places go above and beyond to help out Mama Earth.

Sadly for us, this Next Level Burger is not in the closest Whole Foods to our house so it’s a little far to be in our weekly restaurant rotation.  We don’t mind the drive, but I’m hoping with all my fingers crossed that one ends up in my neighborhood ASAP.  (PLEASE!)

(PS. We were invited to the Media Opening for this restaurant where we were able to try a bunch of yummy things and the views above are my own.)

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