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Obasan by Joy Kogawa

Advent Calendar shopping on a Monday

October 23, 2017

It is such a blasé Monday because I just came back from my 20th reunion in my hometown with family and friends and Monday is hitting me so hard.  When this happens I try to add a little excitement to my life to make me feel better, so today it’s all about advent calendars for […]

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Mail truck in the snow

A personal heater, vegan gummy bears and other things that have arrived in the mail lately

March 6, 2017

As a blogger, and an avid online shopper, there are many lovely things that arrive in my mail every week and it’s always exciting to see what might turn up next.  I’m so amazed when mail gets delivered, even in the snow!  Last week we were away in Amsterdam (I have some sneak-peeks on Instagram) and I’ll […]

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Rainy days ahead means time for self-care in Seattle

When you need a little self-care on a Monday

October 24, 2016

The other night I walked home from an event after a friend gave me a ride and I got a text later that evening “Just checking to make sure you’re home okay…” My husband has been away for work for the week and my mom was babysitting my kids (and I) for the evening but it […]

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Rainy Day shopping in Seattle on a Monday

Rainy Day loves and shopping for America on a Monday

October 10, 2016

Is there ever going to be another Monday like this one?  One where we all wake up rubbing our blurry eyes after staying up too late watching our DVR taped debates and wonder if we watched Saturday Night Live or some kind of new reality tv series and not real politics in America.  It is […]

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October in Seattle

Time to get Thankful on a Monday

October 4, 2016

How are you this whirlwind Monday?  Can you believe it’s October already?  For my family, this means it’s time to think about our first Thanksgiving of the year.  We celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving in the second week of October and then American Thanksgiving in November. Thanksgiving is such a nice holiday to be able to celebrate twice. When things […]

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Good on a Monday post from An Emerald City Life

Random Acts of Kindness and good on a Monday

September 27, 2016

Yes, it’s dreary-o-clock somewhere this Monday morning and judging by my Facebook feed full of horrific random shootings in places I’ve been to and unsettling political rants, it might feel a lot like the world might be coming to an end. But why would I want to contribute to the PR of gloom and doom? […]

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Pike Placde Market flowers

Looking for easy meals on a Monday

September 20, 2016

How is it Monday again, already?  Did your weekend fly by in a blur?  With all the soccer games and parties and adventures sometimes Monday just hits me like those anvils that would flatten Tom in the old Tom and Jerry cartoons. But thankfully, I’m eating cold pizza thanks to Stefan Frei (a phemonal flying […]

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