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  1. A few travel highlights from 2014 while I plan this year’s adventures


    January 23, 2015 by Terumi

    boating the sunshine coast

    The hardest part of starting a New Year is saying good bye to the old one, especially if it was …
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  2. Seattle Memberships you might consider if you like to travel with your family


    March 5, 2014 by Terumi

    We have memberships to many of our local museums and I think we’ve even been zoo members for nearly 10 …
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  3. Photo Friday: I heart Haleiwa


    February 26, 2014 by Terumi

    Haleiwa town on the north shore of Oahu is such a fun place to visit with kids. There is good …
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  4. A train you want to visit just so you can eat pineapple and see hungry fish (Dole Pineapple Express, Oahu)

    Comments Off on A train you want to visit just so you can eat pineapple and see hungry fish (Dole Pineapple Express, Oahu)

    February 25, 2014 by Terumi

    where to hear manoa dna

    This is a train we’ve done over and over again, just like we’ve heard a zillion versions of Ka’a Ahi …
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  5. Bishop Museum and a yummy lunch nearby (Oahu with Kids)


    February 23, 2014 by Terumi

    I didn’t realize there could be such a thing as too much sun, beach and pool, but on vacation my …
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  6. Lillikoi, Malasadas, Coco Puffs, Shave ice and Pie (Oahu with kids)


    February 18, 2014 by Terumi

    Who am I kidding with that Lillikoi in the title? Our travels are usually full of food adventures of the …
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  7. Saved the best for Last (Paradise Bay Resort, Kailua, Oahu)


    February 16, 2014 by Terumi

    We just got back from a trip with the kids to Oahu and it was such a welcome bit of …
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  8. Happy Valentine’s Day

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    February 14, 2014 by Terumi

    I’m hoping wherever you are you are having a wonderful, warm and happy “love love love” day.  (That’s what my boys …
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  9. Oahu Shopping late on a Monday (planning for a trip to Oahu with kids)


    January 14, 2014 by Terumi

    oahu farm tour with movie highlights

    I’m often asked about how I book my travel plans.  It usually starts with some kind of interest our family …
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  10. Snorkeling with Kids on Maui


    April 26, 2013 by Terumi

    dolphins swimming with our snorkeling tour

    I don’t know how I missed updating about this one.  I was going through our photos from our Maui trip …
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  11. Leodas Kitchen and Pie Shop (Lahaina, Maui)

    Comments Off on Leodas Kitchen and Pie Shop (Lahaina, Maui)

    March 11, 2013 by admin

    Maybe this should be called the day I wanted pie so badly I talked up the petroglyphs behind the pie …
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  12. Eating pupus with preschoolers in Maui


    March 5, 2013 by admin

    “Check out these pupus!” I told my husband. “They look pretty yummy and they’re so reasonable!” POOPOOS!  The duo cheered. …
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  13. Road to Hana with two active boys (Maui with kids)


    February 27, 2013 by admin

    For some reason the Road to Hana is like some holy Grail in Maui.  Can you drive it with kids?  …
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  14. Most Romantic Resort with kids in Maui (Napili Kai Beach Resort, Maui)


    February 22, 2013 by admin

    snorkeling with kids in maui

    Last summer I went to a Maui tourism event and I was intrigued by a resort called Napili Kai. They …
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  15. If you decide to ride the Sugarcane Train (Maui with kids)


    February 20, 2013 by admin

    *Apparently this Sugarcane train is now closed.  Thank you Rick for letting me know and if anyone hears otherwise, please …
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  16. Kihei (Maui with kids)


    February 15, 2013 by admin

    I tend to book places when I get a good feeling about the place.  Kihei had a pretty name, it …
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  17. Did somebody pinch me? (Maui with kids)


    February 12, 2013 by admin

    How is that we’re already back?  Weren’t we just at the top of a crater minutes ago? Or exploring caves? …
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  18. Maui Revisited


    February 2, 2013 by admin

    See these tired, shiny, almost-brand new parents?  Our guys were 9 months old and we headed off to Maui for …
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  19. On finding Melona


    July 17, 2012 by admin

    On a trip to Hawaii a few years ago, we discovered a treat with a very odd name. Yes, it’s …
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  20. The whole beach to ourselves


    April 13, 2012 by admin

    The last time this happened, we all camped out under an umbrella at our resort in Turtle Bay determined to …
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