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We have been driving electric for nearly a year and we’re loving how this is an incredible way to enhance family travel.  We drive a Tesla S with a range of about 200 miles per charge but we also love trying all electric cars.  One of the reasons we bought electric was because I enjoyed driving the Chevy Volt which was gas and electric but didn’t have a long enough electric range at the time.  Now I think the Chevy Volt would be an excellent choice for someone on the fence about driving electric-I love how far you can drive on the electric charge but still have gas backup if you need it.

Autotopia cars are electric at Hong Kong Disneyland


We have taken a few long-distance trips in our Tesla.  I’m trying to keep a list of our trips and places we’ve charged below.  I also categorize them on the blog as “ROAD TRIPS IN A TESLA” or ELECTRIC CARS” if you are looking for these types of posts.  I love how supportive the electric car community is and please feel free to contact me if you are curious about any of the places we’ve been.

road trips with an electric car and where to charge teslas in seattle

Seattle to Tofino-we were a little nervous because there aren’t any superchargers on Vancouver Island but we made sure to stay in hotels that had chargers like the Black Rock Resort and the Tigh Na Mara.  We also found an excellent charging station in Quallicum Beach with a water-front view!

Seattle to Coeur D’Alene Idaho

Seattle to Tacoma (This is not a long-distance trip but if you are coming from Vancouver or Portland you might keep Tacoma in mind.  We’ve stayed at the Hotel Murano and they have 2 Tesla chargers and another charger too!)

Seattle to Whistler

Seattle to the Oregon Coast


This summer we’re thinking of heading from Seattle to Banff and I would love to hear your input if you have done that trip in an electric car.  I’d also like to try driving to Montana in the summer.

Places we’ve been

100 places to take kids in the world

Seattle with kids

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